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  1. So i started a Blimburn AK auto about two and a half weeks ago. The plant grew 1/3 of an inch since last week sitting at about 1 1/3 inches. It is starting to grow its true leaves, and they are starting to come in more and more. But I had a friend raise concern that at two weeks it should be double to triple the height it is now. I recently took it from starter cup to 3gal pot last wed. So that could have been restricting growth, I guess I am posting this a little prematurely, but looking at some 5 week plants they are almost a foot to two feet tall...maybe i will start seeing a stretch this coming week? 
    Possible contribuiting issues:
    Low humidity, my room sits around 16%, i know that is terribly low but I live at 9000ft so humidity is kind of a problem for everyone i know.
    Heat, I have to run two oscillating fans to keep the room below 80. This contributes to the low humidity.
    No exhaust, I dont have an exhaust so my plant is sitting in a closet and the door stays open 100% of the time. Dark hours it gets closed and is 100% dark. But since im running 24hrs that doesn't matter a whole lot right now. 
    The light is sitting about 18" away from the top of the plant, so should i maybe raise the light to induce stretch?
    Other than what seems to be stunted growth, the plant looks healthy.
    (growing in moonshine soil by batch 64, 400w hps/mh in a 3x5x6 tent in closet.)

  2. Autos are a funny mix of traditional weed growing and some dark eastern magic..?  lol no way... but look to your temps, you need not worry about light times this an auto and all, and have a jug of water with your plant to keep her humid, avoid under or over watering stay sharp

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