Plant has very strange discolour and spotting.

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  1. Hey, so i moved one of my girls outdoors next to a bunch of random growing weeds and plants, i come back about 5 days later and i see this happening to the leaves. Should i take off all the leaves? Let me know guys prolly only 2 weeks left of the grow.

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  2. Quarantine this baby, find a place so the bugs can't get at it, although you may try Neem oil, it really is to late, as the taste will get into the bud, then you...Yuk!

    Best method to consider is actually hand picking the bugs off, is surprisingly effective
    or spray with water and a spoon of hand / dish soap, then spray with clean water.

  3. I havent seen any bugs on her, except for maybe two baby spiders the white kind.
  4. Cut off the effected leaves. Best thing i can think of.
  5. I have never seen bug damage that looks like that. To me it looks like serious nute burn. Have you flushed and checked the PPMs coming out of the bottom?. Is there a chance it got sprayed with Roundup? LOL

  6. Doubt its nute burn, i havent overdossed her or anything strange, only thing that changed was its location. it was elsewhere outside seperated and then i moved it into a kind of thicket of random weeds....

  7. Looks like mute burn to me too. Perhaps the outdoor heat got the soil warm enough to make the microbes go nuts and the soil microbes broke up a bunch of OM.

    Test run off ppm.

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