Plant Has Sprouted!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by teg21, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. i looks a little weird right now, heres a close up, i am just so happy that it finnaly sprouted, how long till i put the cfl's on it?

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  2. fluoros should be fine to put on now that it is out and sprouted.
  3. "isnt she beautiful???"---steve irwin, crocodile hunter
  4. its amazing, this is my first sprout ever, i am so happy that the little guy finnaly dug himself out of that dirt and is ready to grow and grow
  5. nice pic man !

  6. i hope its a gal not a guy 4 u.

    well done m8.
  7. so what lights did u dedcide to go with? cfs? and what watts
  8. i am using 3 cool 1400 lumen cfls, for vegitating each plant, and then 2 warm 1600 lumen cfls and one cool 1400 lumen cfl, for flowring. After my first harvest i am going to buy the hps 400 system with ballister and all the goodies, but i am just gonna use that for flowering, or do you think when i get the hps i should use it for both veg and flowering.
  9. its up to you, im also getting a 400w hps and im going to buy another shop light fixture for vegging, which will mean i will have 4 40w 4ft cool white/warm white floros for vegging and the hps for flowering. i decided to do this for a couple of reasons. One being floros are cheaper to run so if i veg under them my electric wont be as bad, 2nd when it comes spring time i am planning on vegging my plants to about a foot and taking half of them outside and half in my flowering chamber. this will let me start plants for out doors and be able to flower the rest, and maybe just using my hps for half of the grow will alow me to get more grows out of it, thats just what ive decided to go with.
  10. This may be a little late but I am still happy for ya I remember when my first seed sprouted...there would be at least 15 more after that I lost count lol....

  11. carefull... dont jinx it. from now on, its "she", "her", "gal", "girl", "herself", etc. stick to the feminine names. :D
  12. any more pics, i want to see how this ends up

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