Plant has been drooping for days. advice?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Msalah, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. She's about 35 days old. A couple of days i go it was wilting similarly to how it is now and the soil was dry, so i watered it. immediately after watering, it seemed to droop even more but a couple of hours later it perked back up. The next day she was drooping like you see in the picture, been this way for 2-3 days now. The leaves all look healthy, no discoloration, no curling. i suspect over watering, although i don't understand how. Is she going to die? is there anything i can do?[​IMG]
  2. Possibly of over watered?

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  3. i was thinking over-watered too, but does that mean that it will now die? is there anything i can do to remedy this?
  4. You can let the soil dry out... lol just make sure it's actually dry... I prefer to let my plants get underwatered versus overwatered... when a plant starts showing signs of underwatering and you water it it'll perk back up in an hour... overwatering can take days to correct. You just have to let the soil dry out a decent bit more than you have been and be sure to continue letting it dry out properly the rest of the grow.

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  5. She could also be underwatered as well. This is when those 10 dollar mositure meters come in handy at Lowes. My plant looks a lot like this when she wants water and then in a couple hours. Shes happy as can be
  6. That's the difference though. OP's has been like this for days... it would be severely underwatered by now and looking completely limp lol

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  7. Not under watered, i stuck my finger in the soil and it was moist.
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  8. OP whens the last time you watered. I guess this wouldve been the smartest thing to ask at the beginning...
  9. And how much have you been watering. The plant will droop when she is low on water. Ive noticed my plant occasionally wants water before the soil is even bone dry because she will go limp
  10. Also if it was overwatering it wouldnt be limp for 2-3 days after the fact. The soil wouldve dried out some and your plant wouldve perked back up. But whatever lol your plant :confused_2:
  11. Overwatering symptoms can last for days.... some soil takes ages to dry out... my last grow I'd go up to 9 days without watering... if I would of said screw it and watered at day 4 I would of had signs of overwatering for a good week... and with OP saying the soil is still moist... it's not underwatering lol the stems aren't even hanging as if it was underwatering imo

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  12. [​IMG]that looks like compact mud lol I doubt it dries to fast.

    No offense OP... I would recommend more perlite next grow like 70/30 soil/perlite

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  13. My thoughts exactly

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  14. yeah looks like she is starving and choking right now. That soil is no good man, gotta get some perlite or coco or something in there. These plants roots don't like sitting in water, but like to seek it out. So having something with a lot of drainage and aeration is the key to big strong plants. The plant is only as good as its roots.
    Also, you should look into the fabric pots, or smart pots. Basically, if you have the right soil, you can't over water them becaues the water comes out of the pot if its watered too fast.

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