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Plant growth may be stunted?

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by 4soccer2playa0, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. I got some things to ask hopefully they will be answered. I have been using T'5 fluro. lights for seedlings for ten days. The plants are about 3-4 inches tall. I transplanted them into a 3 gallon pot ( not all in one their is 3 pots) with a 400 watt Mh light. I have a good set with fans exusast and intake, thats all good. The plant is still kinda small but it has like 4 nods on it but they have not really gone anywhere and its now day 22. It seems like something has stunted the growth because their not tall but there is like 4 nods bunched up very closely like its trying to grow. It looks healthy and green no sign of problems yet. I have them in FFOF soil. I dont know what is slowing their growth down. The temps are right, intake is good, light is good. I think i need to start giving them nutes but im not to sure if they are still to young or not. I look at every ones else plants and theirs are young and still have good size to them. I ve read and seen i should start giving them nutes like 4th or 5th nod or in the area but they are, but they still look small and short. They are bag seeds but from a really good type of dro or chronic. Should i go ahead and give them nutes and if i do i was thinking about doing the feed water water feed. Or is that just preference what ive read?
  2. Mine always seem to go into shock, after transplanting.. They just stay that way for about a week..

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