Plant growth hormones

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  1. Some neat info I ran across after reading about phytohormones. I have always pulled leaves and dropped them right on my mulch. This makes me question that practice.

    What do ya'll think?

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  2. Super interesting. I have always, with any type of plant left the leaves or any excess foliage in the mulch.

    question, is this with any plant or specifically cannabis?
  3. I don't think it would be an issue if they are on top of the mulch and there is air flow. You might have unfavorable results burying them in a soil mix.
    I have damaged seedlings by putting alfalfa or soy right on top of freshly dropped leaves. I suspect I made ethylene gas or ammonium gas when I did it. I knew better than to do this, but was trying to save time and forgot why I put the meals under the leaves and scratch em in. When I saw what happened I new right away. Looked like bad N burn, and happened fast. These were seedlings that were 2 weeks old or less, and as such, the plant's leaves were quite close to the dropped leave surface. I also had very little air flow across the pots, as I was trying to keep the RH as high as I could get. But I learned from it.
    Great topic.
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  4. Your experience here is very helpful, I would have never thought about it honestly, that could easily happen to many growers.

    I have read on plant hormones numerous times, but like many things, the more knowledge you gain in one area, it help you understand some others that you missed the first time.
    My use of tricontanol for example, I can absolutely see the difference between plants, but I know I don't have the timing exact. I should be applying as my plants exit the seedling stage, and I usually wait for a few days before flower (estimating of course, 24-26 days old), then a week later just as the stretch is getting started. This round I hit them a third time at 34 days, well into stretch. The one plant I didn't use the alfalfa tea on is visibly smaller in person, it does not come through in photos as well, but I'd guess 10-15% less biomass. This is of course highly anecdotal, phenotypes and a host of other things can alter the growth rate, but I plan to keep this up all year and observe. If alfalfa tea treated plants continually outperform the same strain without it, it will be evidence enough for me. Dialing in the application timing is now my main focus.
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  5. "ABA was originally believed to be involved in abscission, which is how it received its name. This is now known to be the case only in a small number of plants."
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  6. I use plant growth hormones. We as humans have drastically modified weed over a couple decades. The flowers are supposed to be much smaller. The same goes for corn and watermelons.
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  7. When do you use them, and which do you use if you don't mind my asking?
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  8. G10-Quart-1.jpg
  9. Looks like snake oil to me. Ingredients mention it being a kelp extract.....organics for the win!
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