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  1. So i want to know what types of plants people have grafted to pot plants to add flavor... i also want to know if anyone ever tried grafting a cocaine plant, or coco plant to a pot plant, cus that would be some crazy weed
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    YOu honestly know nothing about plants. Plants must be in the same family for them to be grafted together. Grafting in no way changes the plant in any way. If you grafted a Deseil to a White widow root stock, It will still be a desiel plant flower the same taste the same yield the same. The really trick and if you were clever you could graft 5 or so plant to one root stock. Then making sure each one finished a few weeks earlier then the next. SO you could harvest at 8wks, 10wks, 12wks, so on.

    Really a cocaine plant, really.
  3. Here's a good resource for grafting cannabis plants. It also explains why some folks choose to graft. :smoke:

    [ame=]YouTube - Urban Grower Talks About Grafting Cannabis Plants[/ame]

  4. i am currently in the process of doing this, it's funny you used diesel to white widow, cuz i have a monster cropped white widow, that i have grafted a diesel cutting onto the bottom, this was just a test, the real plan now is to graft a 3 strains together for a single mom

    first pic is just after the process was complete, the bag is for humidity, unfortunately i had to use some surgical tape as it was all i had handy, was so hard to cut off after the cutting healed, which only takes about a week, that pic was taken on 5/13

    second pic you can see the bag is off and you can still see the joint with the surgical tape on it, that was taken on 5/20

    third pic is the overall shot so you can see the growth of the cutting, taken today 6/25

    and the fourth was also taken today and that is so you can see the joint where it's healed with the surgical tape removed, it's the second knot up, the first knot is where i trimmed off some leaves and such when i was grafting

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  5. Really interesting stuff, I'd love to try this but only have one in veg atm. Having a few strains flowering on one plant would be crazy though.

    g51782 that looks great, did you cut the stem in a V shape and join them? Did you use rooting gel?
  6. i took my cutting as usual, except making intersecting 45s so that it makes a v, that part was easy

    it was a little more difficult to notch out a v in the stem of the widow, that's why i started a little higher than i wanted it to be grafted just in case it took me more than one try to get a nice v dip that was about the same size as the pointy v of my diesel cutting(but as it turns out im the fucking man and i got it right first try haha), also try to make sure the stem of your cutting and the stem you are grafting onto is about the same size

    then you just slide the v into the v and tape it up, i would suggest electrical tape as a simple substitute if you don't have any of the legit grafting tape that they sell, as the surgical tape i used was waaaay sticky and hard as hell to cut off when the time came, as i was paranoid about damaging the joint, when i didnt even know if it was fully healed yet, luckily it was, and i learned my lesson haha. after the tape, give it a light misting and put a baggie over it and a bread tie around the bottom to keep the humidity up while the joint heals, take the baggie off every day for a few minutes for fresh air and a fresh misting for about a week, and it should be healed

    and nope, no rooting gel or anything like that, as i'm not trying to grow roots there lol

    basically the simple premise of this is the same as when you snap a branch and then tape it back together, when you put the fleshy pieces of the plant together it heals and seals the edges, this is basically doing the same thing, just with a branch that is "snapped" off a different strain

    i will be doing this again in probably a week or two, think i will do a small pictorial of the whole process, as it's not that hard and it is really cool, and will be handy to have a single mom plant instead of the 3 or 4 i was going to have originally

    another idea im throwing around in my head is popping 3 seeds in small cups and trying to graft them together very early in their life, so i can veg 3 strains for about a month on a single plant and throwing it straight to flower, as my other grafting experiments are just for mother purposes
  7. damn awsome any more
  8. Great job man, this is so uncommon it's cool to see you've done it successfully. Congrats on the frankenstein plant!
  9. could you graft a male plant branch onto a female plant? for instance, a bosai'd mum with a XX and XY chromosome.... would this be beneficial in any way for breeders? thanks, experimental training is what im all about.
  10. the plant will not share chromosomes ..the one branch will be XY the rest XX.


    EDIT besides the male will almost certainly at some point go into flower on its own ..

  11. yes it would be possible, the only reason i see this being beneficial for a breeder would be if he could graft a male branch onto a female plant, preferably near the middle and keep it completely isolated from all other plants, just as an easier way of getting your own seed stock from a single plant, without having to worry about keeping two plants alive (also taking up less space than trying to keep two plants for pollination), and also you could just let it naturally happen instead of dealing with pollen collection and then the actual pollination process (which isnt too difficult, but it would be nice to eliminate nearly all possibility of accidently pollinating other plants) interesting concept though, i swear if i had enough space and resources i would attempt every idea that ever came up on this forum, as is i have to pick and choose my experiments haha
  12. now that's sum cool ass doing a MANGO KUSH& A.T.F..:smoke:(yep the real one Alaskan Thunder Fuc©).LAst year I tried SOUR DIESEL & SWEET TOOTH..(with NO succes:cry::cry::cry::confused_2:so now my shit like 2.5ft (the mango)so I sliced w/razor between fan leaf & fifth side-branch growth..had a.t.f small clone that had took roots I just topped that.the V slice & dip'd in hormone..use surg white tape THAT WAS A BITCH ..TOok pics of that and I'm bout to blow real quick:smoke: an go fuck with them an take update pics.Its been about a week an 2-3 days .O my shit outdoors too so MUCH harder...i.e hot temps.But when I got bac to tha hut I peep'd her an the top dried out but the next set on a.t.f has new vert green growth..SHUD I CUT THAT DRY PART OFF?or will this mess her healin up? DRO....
  13. wat excatly is graphing your plant
  14. How many cuttings can you graft onto a plant? Imagine grafting loads of indica cuttings onto a sativa plant and vice versa :smoke:

  15. huh ?

  16. plan and simple FOLKS i'm doing the same..For the second time!Are you of ANY know how to do so? As I said( I'm tryin a Mango Kush/A.T.F outdoors in 5g bucket..I sliced it around the 4-5 grow knob.been bout 2wks & the tips all dried out ;but the 2 set of growth on the dried cuttin is green with tiny new growth...MY Q&A was shud I cut that dry top off (i.e-like toppin H.S.T the plant at a young age)!! Did this clear up ya huh???:wave::smoke:

  17. It's when you take cuttings from hella different plants(like taking clones) & putting them to a mother change will happen you'd just have one fat ass plant with all your favorite strains growin' on it....
  18. ohh , I get ya now .. like a clone that has leaves dry up and get all curly while setting roots( Y I trim leaves when I clone) .. that is never gonna come back. so I vote yes, just to avoid possible mold infections. but get more opinions then mine...

    Congrats and good job. +rep BTW

  19. now we workin together.:hello:.thanks for the I ended up cuttin the dry part off..noticed two side arms growin from thatt stem(the a.t.f) so it took "I think"...???thatnks for the pics shud be up today..

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