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  1. Hi all,

    I hope you're all doing well. Has anyone had any success with plant grafting? I accidentally broke off a top and I have been trying to graft other tops into it's place without any positive results. I have tried cutting a slit into the root plant and carving the stem of the scion into a wedge to place into the slit. Is there something I may be missing? How long should I wait to check on it? Thanks so much for any insight.
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  2. Hi.... i tried sum thing simular yrs ago. I tried to graft a blues to a jacks via stalk lol. I taped em up for bandaid to heal as more or less did same as you. I thought after around five attemps and weeks of trying that i ad succeeded... but it died yet again lol. I think certain things are to be left to scienctist in a lab lol. Well dun for tryin babe..but dont waste no more tops and just let it be. Plants energy will goto remaining colas so not too much will be lost hopefully... gud luck xxx
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  3. If ya do do it.. dont open up bandaid to check on it. Leave it as if not taken it will be dried and dead in 4 days max ... xx
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  4. for your current situation

    just a little tape should be ample as for a total graft?

    it can be done but outta the scope of this simple patch

    popular with many who want to see many strains on one plant

    ideal gift, but a lot of patient work

    good luck
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  5. Thanks so much. Lol, that really would be a nice gift idea.

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