Plant got knocked over!!!! Need info PLEASE

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rami.Nauja, May 11, 2010.

  1. So I just went to check how my plant is doing and the thing got knocked over!!! She is still in veg and about a foot tall. She was knocked over sometime shortly after night cycle, and was likely on the ground no longer than 1-3 hours. My question is do you guys think she will make it through it? The leaves are all quite droopy, likely because I gave her water yesterday and she ended up on the ground. None of the leaves or stems broke so she still isn't looking too bad. I am just going to be real upset if about 2 months of care and work are for nil. Some of the stems are now bent to the side and the plant as a whole is pretty droopy but no yellowing or anything along those lines.
  2. Like planted in the ground and stem snapped or in a pot which just fell over sideways?

    if it just fell over sideways i see no reason why that would effect it.
  3. It fell over sideways no broken stems or anything. I am growing in soil not hydro, should have mentioned that. I just wasn't sure if a fall like that would stress it out too much because I have never had this problem before nor spoken to anyone who has.
  4. I haven't grown before, just starting my first. But i don't see how it would be that bad.
  5. If she's just bent in a few spots you will be alright. She may take awhile to recover, but if nothing was snapped or sliced it shouldn't be a big deal. I dropped a light on a plant once as I was adjusting it (yes I was high....) and bent a few of the side branches a bit. She recovered nicely.

    What are the roots like? Were they disturbed much?
  6. A plant can take a few minor bumps on the chin and still make it through no worries.

    Just how did this plant get knocked over?

  7. Had her propped up on a cardboard box to get closer to the lights, cardboard + water that drained though bottom of bucket = bad news. I actually but a plastic thing over the box so that wouldnt happen but it must not have fun off properly.

    The roots did get rocked around a bit because a bunch of the soil came out, no roots became exposed, but they did move around a bit. Needless to say I invested in some different sized plastic containers so there will be no repeats of this. (Really dumb on my part)
  8. It's all part of the learning process! Giver her some time to recover, you will know if she's gonna make it or not. We all make mistakes, just learn from them!

    Best of luck.
  9. Thanks the leaves are already starting to look a bit less droopy, since earlier today, just freaked me out when I walk into my closet to see her lying on the ground like that, haha. Thanks for the replies all.

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