plant got gangsta lean going on

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  1. my plant is about 2 weeks old and is supporting a good size lean. its very bushy on top, so im figuring it needs a little support, i just added a little more soil around the base patted it down and the plant in sticking straight up. but i noticed as i was adding the soil i could see some root showing. now im like w.t.f i started to finger fuck the pot it is in and noticed about 3/4 of the way down the pot its hard soil. could it be so hard the root is pushing the plant up making the root come above the soil and making my plant lean over? if this is the case think i should replant with more perlite in it? the plant looks healthy except tipping. i bought the garden saver books but couldnt identify my problem so i came here. when i get a chance ill post pics of everything plant,space,soil, etc.......... any info is appreciated sorry for a long run around paragraph. thank you

    the soil is miracle gro organic, with little perlite in it(very little), and a touch of bone meal and blood meal.
  2. Yeah it could be that your plant is so young and not strong enough to push through that tough soil.I had a problem with overwatering my plants last week.The soil became really compacted.So,I dug the plant up with the soil still attached to the roots and i loosend up all the soil and replanted.In a day it was back to normal.If your roots are all compacted they get no O2 and won't grow.Give that a try,worked for me.Also,try a different soil because all I hear about MG is bad news,such as slow release ferts in the soil burning plants.Adding more perlite would probably help because it would control the water thats probably packing your soil down.Hope this helps you man.But watch what you add to that MG,you could do more harm than good.

  3. thanks for the advice. i just loosened the soil shortly after my first post and they seem to be doing real good. as for m/g the organic soil seems fine i havent had a problem yet but this is my first attempted grow. my next grow will be with fox farm products then i can see the difference. thank you again for your advice.

    heres a pic of each of the hopefully little girls

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  4. They look good to me . . .
  5. Yeah man they look pretty healthy to me as well. Maybe the lean is just from an odd placement of lights? Try getting as much of each plant under the light as possible in whatever arrangement works best, as plants (marijuana especially in my experience) will lean toward the light a good amount if they are not getting enough. Place the lights closer to your plants maybe, just make sure you arent burning them.
  6. i did this also. having y splitters for my cfl`s i made sure they were center of the lights and it has worked out real good

    thanks for all the help
  7. just tell them to pull up their pants and do the rock away.

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