plant getting to tall*help*

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  1. i have a steath setup and im limited to space, is there anything i can do. its been in flowering 12 12 sence may 2nd

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  2. I let my girls veg way too long. Quick FYI - MJ will grow x2 or even x3 in size during flower period. I ended up training them. I tied a loose string to her near the top (so its not too tight on the stem) and tied the other end to a weight. I slowly bent her down till she moved how i wanted her to.

    Im still about 2 weeks away from cutting her up and harvesting but she looks damn good to me.

    Sort of a happy mistake

    Good Luck
  3. Not too much you can do at this point. One of those issues you have to work on while in vegitation. Pinching, ScroG, SoG, LST. All effective ways to bush a tall plant. Also, growing closer to 24 hrs a day in veg will create a shorter plant by having shorter internodes.

    A plant will close to double its height when in bloom. It's strain specific, but as a general rule, 2x the size when you throw her in.

    You could try...

    small bags filled with pennies (or some other adjustable weight) tied to the stems. Start where the stem starts to bend a bit and add more bags as you go up. Add less and less weight to each bag as you get higher on the stem. This will effectively slow-bend the plants to the side, without causing too much stress (which can send your plant into Hermie-mode). If your stems are already "woody" or thick and stiff, there's nothing you can do but drop the plant or raise the roof. :hello:
  4. You are early enough in flowering that you could try cutting back a couple of inches of the plant. This isn't recommended, but it's possible. You'll get buds on the lower stems, but you certainly will have a diminished yield, and have wasted some time in veg. But it will work if you need it to.
  5. I have the same problem with some White Widow plants. They are 30" 5 days into flower. I heard of a product called Bushmaster made by Humboldts Own. It's supposed to halt vertical growth. Gonna check on it.
  6. Why won't simply LST'ing work?
    Tie a string on top and start gradually bending it over, I had to get a
    plant to point 180 degrees downward to clear the light one time.
    carefull with Bushmaster, I've read more people having regrets using it at the
    recommended ratio.
  7. nvm guys, my dad some how managed to find my setup and threw them out hes pissed and im grounded for a month from everything besides breathing pretty much
  8. Aww, no bueno. You should wait to get your own place anyways. First out of respect, second, out of security.

    What if your dad found it after you flowered, he might steal it!
  9. haha fuck thats i wouldnt let him hah

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