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  1. Ok, well on my last grow(indoor) I had a hermie NL#5 impregnate a KC33 and Crystal Paradise, both KC Brains seeds. Anyways, now I just have a shitload of seeds so I've decided to do an outdoor grow just for the fun and hell of it. Here are my questions

    1) Im guessing since the father/mother was a hermie, then that trait will be passed on, so am I looking at a 1/4 to a 1/2 of my harvested seeds containing that dominant trait?

    2) On an outdoor, I've decided to plant my seeds in a woody area(basically a forest)near by. The canopy gets pretty thick, so there is sunlight, but its not intence sunlight. Will this be sufficient(in terms of light requirements)? Theres a shitload of other small green-type plants that are thriving.

    3) Referring back to the last question, would I be more/less/same successful planting the seeds directly into the earth (which seems kinda hard and has abundant other plants growing from it). or I could start the seeds in small cups under a 400 MH light and then transplant to the great outdoors?

    Thanks ppl
  2. the woods is risky what happens if some hunter walking along sees the plants and calls the cops they do a stake out see you go to the plants, your done
  3. If its a dominant trait so its at least 1/2 of the offspring will be hermies.

    6 hours of direct sunlight required. Like I saod in an earlier post, if you can find a pokeweed bush plant your seeds there. they have pretty much the same soil, nute, and sunlight requirements. If you don't know what a pokeweed looks like do a google search for "pokeweed"

    If you can germ them out and get them started in some small containers, it will be more succesful than throwing the seeds to the wild.

    Also, deer and other woodland creatures are going to destroy some of your crop, always plant extra for them.
  4. is this it

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  5. Yeah, but this time of year they should be a couple of feet tall.

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