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    how far should the light be kept from plants to avoid burning the plant? I am wondering this for 1000w MH.
    any advice or help is appreciated.

  2. 6 meters HAHA. Only kidding, try the tried and tested back of the hand method !!
  3. you could try !!
  4. lmao.. umm but for real now.. if its too hot for you.. its too hot for the plant... i mean im outdoors in texas.. its been 100 for the past week.. but i hear outdoor plants adapt the heat better.. but if its used to 75 degrees(or w/e ur house temp usually is) and it grows closer to the light.. that temp difference would show.. time to move up.. or floor down.. w/e u do.. lol.
  5. How many plants are you growing and in what size area ?
  6. The answer to your question is in multiple stickies and guides on this site.   Don't be a lazy stoner, use the search function and do some learning!
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