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  1. i have some questions about feeding my plant, im really hoping you guys can help me out.:)

    1) fertilizer- whats a good brand fertilizer at a reletivly cheap price. i know to graduly work it up in strength. How many times a week should i be fertilizing my plants? i dont wanna over do it.

    2) nutrients how many times a week to give my plants nuts? and whats a good nut formula on the market these days for marijuana?

    3) Plant food- how often should i be feeding this to my plant. or should it just say on that specified plant food?

    I have run searches on it but i cant seem to find much info on these subjects. anyone out there that can give me some tips? that would be great :)
  2. cheaply? go to your local store and buy peters or schultz read the instructions.
  3. In some respects you are talking about the same thing (ferts/nutes/food). Usually organic supplements are called "fertilizers" and chemical ones are called "plant food", and either one is designed to deliver the nutrients your plants need (nitrogen, phosphate, etc.)

    Two basic ways to apply (for soil grows):

    First, you can mix an organic fertiilizer into your soil before growing or transplanting. Common ones include worm castings, bat guano, blood meal, and bone meal. I recommend worm castings, they are easy to work with, relatively cheap and easy to find, and gentle on your plants. Make it about 15-20% of your soil mix.

    Second is what you feed your plants during the grow. You can make a "tea" by filtering water through certain organic fertilizers, or you can add a chemical plant food. Peters and Shultz are good ones as Guru mentioned. Typical instructions on the box are to add a teaspoon per gallon of water, for MJ start about three weeks after sprouting at 1/4 that strength.

    I know a lot of this stuff is on this forum, keep searching for more info.
  4. thanks for the responses..looks like i got some more looking around :smoke:

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