Plant flowering early?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hank Tha Tank, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Hello... I have a plant in my closet that is about 1 1/2 months, 9 inches tall, on an 18/6 5500k light cycle with plenty of lumens. But it looks like it is flowering??? This has been going on for 20 days, I thought it was because the light cycle was pretty variant (between 14 and 20 hrs for the first few weeks) before I got a timer. But even with a normal, 5500k light cycle the plant is covered in pistils...  This is only my 2nd time, but before I didn't see any pistils until the 12/12 cycle began... Is this bad? Should I start flowering now or wait until it gets taller? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    She's pretty photo sensitive it seems.... Could have been from the variable light you spoke of.... Choosing to flower now or later is up to you, if choosing to veg longer you may want to swap to 24/0 if you can work with that though, at least until she reverts.

    Edit: is it possible she's an auto?
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    Sounds like an auto to me. even if it did reach 12 hours of being off I don't think one or two times would cause it to flower, I'd lower to 12/12 and flower away brother

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    Hmm... I think you guys are right that it's an auto. It was just a bag seed tho so I'm not sure. Thanks for the advice! Time to dim the lights and get real sticky icky  :yummy:
  5. If it's an auto leave the lights on 18/6, she'll love the light
  6. Do some research on auto light schedules, she's going to flower lights on or off, why not add an extra 6 hours of potential grow energy
  7. Indeed. I'll keep it on 18/6. I added some warmer lights so now there's about 50/50 between 2700k and 5500k. Not sure if I should go all warm light though, I couldn't find much info about that... 
  8. 2700k is for flowering. Theres info everywhere

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