Plant eating itself after vacation

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  1. I have a plant in flowering stage for a month.
    I had to go out for 3 days but had setup a auto dripping thingy for 3 days. I am growing in coco. So I ph the water to 5.7 as I knew it would increase in ph from next day .
    I had one in veg[which was just out to flower] and one in flower. Both plant got flowering fert. But the one which is in 1 month of flower is showing issues. Both the plant had wrinkled leaves and issues. Looks like the auto dripping got switched off some how in the 2nd day.

    So after i returned, I flushed both with 5.8 ph water and nute them again. The one in veg has recovered but the flowering plant is not good. It also seems to feel too heavy and feel the water is stuck. The plant seems to be eating its lower bracnches and got lot of dead leaves in the lower branches. Do I have to flush this again?
    I was advised to use h202 in another forum and ordered one litre but it will take time. Hope I can do something for it.

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  2. I dont have any expertise with your grow medium but it kind of looks like the flowering plant is under attack...

    either virus or insect
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    It is not recovering at all.. Should I put some neem solution to kill the bugs? Haven't seen much gnats in the tent though.

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