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  1. Hello guys, the top of my plant was eaten and i am wondering how much do they have left. I want to pull them as fast as i can so they don't get eaten/found. What do you think about them ?

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  2. Dud they are barley in preflower. U still have about 8 weeks. And they look pretty Beat up.
  3. yeah, you've definitely got a while to go
  4. Looks like 50+ days to go, but that plant's really struggling I'm not sure how successful it's going to be unless you take precautions now to keep it safe and healthy.
  5. I would just pull them. If ur security is compromised either by human or animal. I wouldn't risk it getting found or eaten
  6. the second 2 pictures are of my third patch i have put three patches near the lake. I learned that from a nightshow about cops following the story of illegal growing it was sayed that the growers are making at least 5 patches because 1 of the patches is found and the other most of the times is savaged by beasts and bugs. I would take the risk of growing the eaten one. Today i cut a little branch of it i'll update after 6 days if it's a good strain.

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