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Plant dying! Please help ASAP!! (PICS)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dank4200, May 30, 2006.

  1. ok so this is my very first grow. im pretty sure it's just bagseeds but idk the plant was given to me at about a month old and im pretty sure its near 3 months old now.. but i would hate for it to die at this point, especially since it is female. i really dont know to much about growing. i just water it every coouple days. i know i should use fertelizer, but again this is just my first grow and am experimenting and dont know how to use fertelizer. some of the leaves have big brown spots and some are starting to shrivel....can anyone PLEASE tell me what the problem is here and what i can do to bring my baby back to life. You guys dont even know how much i would appreciate is some pics......

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  2. Fertilizer is probably exactly what it needs, it could completely revive it.
  3. could you look at the pics for me and tell me what kind of fertelizer to use, how much, and when. i know nothing about fertelizer or how to use it hint as to why i didnt use any ha. PLEASE HELP a fella stoner out man!:confused:
  4. youll need some 20 20 20 i assume

    and make sure your not over watering it... ive only watered mine once a week or so, depends on the rain around...

    but if its damp about 3 inches into the pot dont water it, just because its dry up top

    good luck
  5. So you've never fertilized and I assume never added anything to the soil, never checked the pH, probably never transplanted, and never flushed. Also, you have no idea what kind of soil it is in. Is that right?

    Can't say for sure what is wrong. Could be grey mold -- are you in a very humid area that does not get real hot?

    There are several things you need to do in order to set this grow right, but I don't know if the plant will survive. It looks like the plant is outgrowing the pot. Hard to tell from the photos but it looks like about a 3-foot plant in maybe a 1-gallon container. I think it needs to be transplanted but first things first.

    If it is grey mold you will need a fungicide and may need to trim off infected areas. If not, and/or once that is done...

    First, flush the soil. Run water of at least three times the pot volume through the pot. Then, if you have never tested the soil pH, get a tester (either a meter or tablets). Get some pH Up or pH Down to adjust the soil pH. If you have done this and the plant is still alive, get a 5-gallon container with drainage holes in the bottom and some extra soil and transplant her. Make sure the new soil is not pre-fertilized.

    Report back at the end of all this, or in the interim if any drastic changes.

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