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  1. Hello, I'm an experienced grower but am having trouble diagnosing problem.
    age: around 3 weeks
    medium: soil    (FFOF, worm castings, light warrior)
    light: flourescants for half the day natural sunlight for remainder
    strain: NL
    SYMPTOMS: leaves feel very soft, especially at bottom, almost like felt. They start to yellow and brown and shrivel up at tips. They tips are also drooping townward.
    So I have strated seedlings every year in FFOF with fantastic results. I noticed though sometimes around week 3 things start to go a little downhill. I was thinking either problems with fluctuating light (although I don't think it's that one), pottasium deficiency, or some random problem I'm not seeing. Any help would be great don't just send me a link that I've read 700 billion times. Thank you.


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  2. come on over 10 views and not one response? I have clear pictures and a proper description...any help appreciated.
  3. Not to be mean, but you might be better off trying to self diagnose. Asking for help is hit or miss.

  4. either over watering or nutrients are locked out,
    try the normal flush routine and see what your ph is running at,etc.
  5. Possible nutrient burn from the soil, watering might be releasing the nutrients from the soil and plants are a bit young to handle it.
    Looks similar to when I added nutrients a bit early to my canna terra professional soil.
    Not a expert just throwing out an angle
  6. I have run into a very strange problem. I have a sodium lock up in my soil. The plants were doing very well and then overnight the leaves were curling and the outer 1/2 of the leaves were very dry and brittle with sort of wrinkles or bubbles on the leaves.. ( Dry) Now the growth is stunted and the leaf tips are brown too. I am using Fox farms soil and Super bloom during Veg. I have grown for several years and have a good system. I recently moved to a new house. Alot of the regular plants don't seem to really thrive also. After several blogs and nursery men and hydro guys I think I'm on the right track. If there is to much sodium in the soil it will keep the soil damp and not dry. Mine drain great and I haven't watered for over 1 week. I even tried to till the soil and get the damp soil to the surface and let it dry. I have just flushed them with distilled water and will do it again to see if this works. I am also picking up a sodium tester at the aquarium shop. The water test kits DO NOT check for this. Hopefully this will help. Any further comments are welcome.
    I grow outdoors in 20 Gal pots Fox Farms Soil. All plants are from seed. No clones.

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