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Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. just be real cautious with him then,,,,

    just last week a guy i work with had a 6 ft. about 5 inches round with 12 buttons,,, big ass female snake,,,,

    the female has heart shape designs,,, where the male is shaped like a diamond,,,,,

    dude,, get rid of this snake,,, i have bad vibes about this,,,,

    i cant believe you got a rattlesnake for a pet,!!!!!:eek:

    i once had a pet possum,,,, i let him free a while back,,,, he was one bad mo-fo !!!!!!

    your the first person,,EVER,,, ive heard of having a rattler for a pet.....

    whats his name ''ILL BITE YA LATER?'' hahahahah....

    oh im so not cool with this,,,,:cool:
  2. Cool stuff man, and great to see you're doing better.

    But be really careful with that snake, its really gross to see someones hand swell up like an inflated surgical glove. (also here in canada its against the law (in some areas) to take the rattlers out of the wild, or kill them. last i heard it was something like a 20000 dollar fine)
  3. It's name is 420. I love that snake. I wont kill it or get rid of it. I dont handle it though.

    It should be against the law to kill animals that you are not going to eat.
  4. my brother had a pet rattle snake. the cops shot it when they raided his house..

    fuck up..

  5. I'd sue for Animal Cruelty
  6. dont handle it at all,,,, make a feeding tube,, where you put the mouse in,, close door,, open other door,,, mouse goes in cage,,,

    a rattler will bite ''any'' warm target,,,

    it is a cool pet i guess,,,, but before i'd get comfy in your place i;d have to eyeball the cage to make sure 420,,,, was in there,,,,

    ive had many experiences of walking thru the woods,,,, and hearing the ''rattle''

    and stopping dead in my tracks,,, until i figured out where it was,,,

    but then again i hunt each year,,,, im in the woods every winter,,,,

    and hunting season is right around the corner,,,,:cool:
  7. I jus open the lid a crack, drop in the rat, and close it. No handling or anythang. Rattlers can be scary, but they are beautiful creations of nature and they shouldn't be killed because they have a deadly defense mechanism. It';s there for their protection, jus like you carry guns, they pack venom.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ i agree,,,, glad to see your feeling better,,,,,

    dude you had a lot of blades on here worried and concerned,,,

    me being one of them,,,

    ...[​IMG] be cool,,,, :cool:
  9. im gonna laugh when buffet has to make another "Grasscity it is with deep regret to inform you" thread when that snake bites your fucking hand... lol i wont actually laugh,but seriously those things are vicious.

    look what happend to this guy
  10. yeah Dank, i was just getting ready to post this shit. Its like as soon as the venom hits your cells it immediately starts killing them off. Some nasty shit right there. I think personally you're playing with fire, lets just hope you dont get burned!
  11. Chill guys, I'm sure Smokentoke has done plenty of research and is aware of the dangers that come with owning a rattlesnake.

    Haha, I typed 'rattlesnack' at first. Stooooner...

    Anyways, can't say I'd ever want to own a rattlesnake, but they're definitely cool creatures.

    That dub bub is sweet, by the way. :smoke:
  12. Thanks Junkie Days, yea I've owned many reptiles throughout my life, and my uncle has throughout his and he's shared his knowledge and I've gained some elsewhere as well. I am not handling this snake.
  13. a conversation between me and a blade....

    blade; it's nice to hear smkntoke420 is doing better.

    me; yeah im glad he's felling fine,,

    blade; i wonder if hes up and moving around yet...

    me; no he's back in the hospital,,, he got bit by his pet rattler,, i heard his hands the size of a baseball glove,,,,

    im just f-kin with you,,,,, look at it this way,,, if you accquire a enemy,,,

    you could allways milk the snake,,, put the venom on a needle and '' poke'' the guy,,,,:cool:
  14. I wont say thats not the reason he's raising it ;P Every hitman needs a serynge full of Rattle Snake venom :rolleyes: :p
  15. ^^^ oh hell yes they do. i want a rattlesnake now. maby ill settle for a rattlesnack, hahaha junkie that made me laugh my ass off. rattlesnack indeed. someone has the munchies...
  16. point well taken.:cool:
  17. Sick bub and welcome back.

    that snake is sweet too.

    Oh yeah and I think it's cool to see evidence of how close a lot of us are here at the city. The volume of worry and concern over a man who's practically a stranger was overwhelming and I think that's awesome. It's just good to know that blades are tight like that.

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