Plant/Dub Bub/Rattle Snake

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Here's some pics.

    Here's my baby rattle snake (two buttons on it's rattle) It's name is 420. Caught it up in the hills.



    Here's my new double bubbler (cost 80$ and was a gift from my friend)



    and here is a random ass marijuana plant growing outside my window (lol, yeah I didnt know it was there. bag seed, i guess. Funny thang is it looks healthy, and i never even seen it)

  2. Enjoy that bubbler man.
  3. glad to see your alright,

    sweet rattlesnake and i once had a bagseed plant outside the window that i didnt know about either
  4. im glad to see that ur doin better man. if u keep that snake, make sure you get the venom glands removed
  5. Whats the fun of having a non-venomous rattle snake? Lol.
  6. oh shit dude your back! :hello:glad to see your ok, everything looks really diggin that bub

    oh yea and that snake looks bad ass, dont get bit
  7. Hahahaha legit shit man. That's a tight lil snake you got there. The bub is fuckin tight. I've always wanted one myself. And show that plant some love and make it grow big and greeeeen.

    And of course, glad to see that you're doing better.
  8. Thas whats up. That plants gonn be transfered inside, at my homies crib, because it wont be ready before winter, and... come winter, the snow will destory it :(

    I will not get back. and thanks. I love double bubblers. You can hit them so hard because the smoke feels like nothing. Take a hit, and blow it out, and take a breasthe and blow that out and theres still smoke you get so much in. then you cough like mad because you take such monster hits./

  9. aww, little snake. nice bub dude. glad to see ya postin up again!
  10. thanks mayne. Im glad to be back. I really am.
  11. I gotta ask ya Richie, You remeber me? KSR?
  12. Yezzur. I remember most people. I can remember alot of convos (but not all of em) cant remember anything that happneed though. and I also cannot remember muchof what I've learned in school regarded math, history, and german though =/ or government.

    edit : where did you get that sig you had on there. That was so cool :D
  13. Remeber handin out my mixtapes to dudes at your local headshop? Hahah i appreciate that man.

    Glad to see your doin good, I was worried about ya man.

    The sig Big Smoke made by request, Gotta show respect to the homies ya know.
  14. Big smoker needs to post so I can +rep him.

    oh and i remember passin them out, fa sho.
  15. i thought weed was like frost tolerant
    the second bullet
  16. you need to get rid of that snake,,,,

    or else one day your going to get bit,,,, you ever seen venom e.r.,,,,,

    i live in rattler country,,,, and this snake is no pet,,,,

    a seen rattler is a dead rattler,,,,:cool:
  17. I don't kill animals purposely, especially not snakes. I love snakes.
  18. dude, so what did you OD on?
  19. IDK, no one will tell me. Which is fucked up, I want to know. I dont even know who my doctor was or i'd ask him. =/

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