Plant drooping every night!!!??

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  1. Right my usual schedule is I water very very lightly every night which ive been doing from the start and it's been going great so far but now il checked on it before I would usually water and it was drooping slightly..... The soil was priti damn dry so I water it at the usual time.... Short time later the leaves are touching the soil drooping so bad. What's happening? If its over watering why doesn't it start drooping till 12-13 hours later when I haven't changed a thing I'm doing. At first I thought it was over heating but it keeps happening every night now but improves through the day?? I have no idea. The pics arnt the best but that's it drooping slightly this morning...

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  2. What light sced do you run? All plants worldwide droop some when the sun goes down. Thats not abnormal.

    Watering is easy and its best not to water on some preset sced as that will change as the plant get bigger to the point of watering everyday eventually.

    If the pot is light water, heavy dont water. Never fails. Also let it dry out a little between waterings.
  3. This method hasnt failed me yet. Do a finger check. if the soil is any kind of moist dont water bro.. Overwatering is the most common mistake IMO. Dnt sweat it.. jus let the soil completely dry out before u water nxt. GL bro:wave:

  4. Agree with the above I use a combo of pick up method and finger method. Although sticking your finger in to see if its moist is not the sure fire way imo. Alot of times the top can be dry bottom be moist if you have a small baby plant.

    Its why Airpots rock for growing all I will ever use. It dries all at the same rate.
  5. Yeah I do both of them. Well I tested not watering it last night and still the same thing happened. so it's not overwatering. and it gets very droopy. can being to hot or cold make it droop? because the day it was drooping to the soil it was very hot as my girlfriend put the heating on .... And its summer, got very hot that night. and this morning it's maybe a wee bit cold and it's just drooping slightly? I hope your right that it's just natural at night.
  6. Forget the finger stuff

    pick up your pot when its dry and feel the weight, then all you gotta do is pick it up, see if its light enough to water, if not, let it go.
  7. it's not over watering tho. Right throughout today il get some better pics and explain tomorrow...
  8. Its not getting under watered is it? Maybe try giving it a good watering every few days instead of a little water everyday
  9. why would it still droop really bad a few hours after being watered then?? This is my problem. I didn't water it yesterday and it still dropped today. Which is why I don't think it's to do with watering maybe. I did do my research before starting and know about watering. I just give it depending on size what I recon it will need to go a day,maybe a day n a half. been fine up untill now.
  10. All of my plants "sleep" just before sunset and "wake up" at first light. I think someone said it earlier in the post, they droop or sleep at night, it's normal.

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