Plant drooping after trimming

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tyroncurtis42, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Please help!! My plant started dropping immediately after I trimmed the leaves. Will it bounce back or shall I get rid of her??

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  2. Never had one droop after trimming. It's usually associated with over or under watering. You need to throw up some pics taken under normal LED/HPS.
  3. Sorry I'm not able to take photos yet but I will later. My plant is 5 weeks old and standing at 28cm tall. Should I take the bottom leaves off first, and then middle, and then top? Or could I take them all off the same time?

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  4. Why are you defoliating so much? it will only slow the progress of your plant if its still in veg

  5. A friend of mine told me to take all the leaves off that are shading everything else so that's what I did.

    When should I of started defoliating?

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  6. Sounds like your friend is clueless. Until you get pics there's not much help to offer
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  7. I've only defoliate after I've been flowering for a couple weeks. Then after that maybe one or two leaves at a time from then on until harvest. I personally wouldn't defoliate in veg
  8. Yeah i've never heard of defoliating in veg bruh..
    The plant will bounce back. I've noticed some strains are more reactive than others.
    People tell me on here that plants drooping and shit is watering but its an immediate sign of stress.
    If youre getting cut up you'd be droopy too. Give her a week and she'll have new growth.

    Dont cut anything else off.
  9. 28cm (11 inches for us state side ) I can't imagine anything should be trimmed other then dead leafs. The plants need the leafs to absorb light and grow At 5 weeks they should be taller sounds stunted
  10. Firstly I just want to thank you all for your support. Sorry for taking such a long time to reply, my misses can't decide wether she wants this bun out of the oven or not, so plenty of hospital appointments lol.. I've managed to take photos of the plants. Please tell me if you think they're too small for their age! The biggest plant ( closest to the door on the left ) is 6 weeks old ( 30cm tall ) and the other 3 are 4 weeks old on Monday ( 21cm tall )! By the way I've started counting the weeks from when the seedling popped through the soil. Would I be able to put them into flower now? I know I would lose yield, but would I still get a decent amount?


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  11. Top them all, wait a week or two then flip

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  12. They will bounce back after a lil stress, of thats a current pic i would wait a couple weeks at least before flowering.
  13. Spread it out over a day or two between. U prune all at once it can stress her
  14. Only take leaves off during harvest. Best rule of thumb
  15. I'm a little late, but there is something called net assimilation rate. NAR measures how well each leaf is at creating more plant. A shaded node will actually have a higher NAR than one large leaf if its allowed to grow a little bit, because it's going to have more leaf area overall after a week or two of unshaded growth. This also creates more air flow for the plant as a whole which helps a LOT eith humdity and heat during flowering. I defoliate heavy and all my grower friends that don't defoliate ask me how I make my plants have so many bud sites on the canopy. LST and organized defoliation. I don't get any of that little scraggly stuff thats really far in the plant or at the bottom of plants. They're all decent sized or fat buds. It really just comes down to preference. You're not guaranteed higher yeilds, although people usually do get higher yields. But you are guaranteed a larger quantity of desirable product, and a much easier time when it comes to trimming and a significantly smaller chance of developing mold at the end of flowering.
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  16. I have been defoliating my grows for years. I start a week or so after topping. Continue throughout to veg and up to about week 7 of a 10 week bloom cycle. The plants really respond.
    During peak growth I can defoliate every 3-4 days.
    Here is the positive results.
    Chem Brulee at 8 weeks, 2+ weeks to go.
  17. once ur in flower yes, but tucking out of way is much less stressful..u only need to trim in veg if leaves are dying or for air flow if its a bushy plant..

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