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    My question:
    Does this plant look alright? It's around 2 inches tall with small leaves. Any tips or advice?
    • First time grow ever with some non de-script bagseed.
    • MiracleGrow Soil
    • Was growing with a crappy fluorescent desk lamp until I got a few CFL's
    • No nutrients or fertilizer used yet.
    • 180mm, 12v "PC Style" Fan.
    • Usual temp: 75-77F.
    • Around 47% Humidity
    • Reflective lined cardboard box
    • Growbox held together with love, luck, and copious amounts of duct-tape


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  2. Haha duct tape helps everything work.
    Looks good, How old is this little sprout? young
    I've read not to use miracle grow soil because it can burn your plant?
    I would research that some and find out.
    What kind of CFL's do you have running?

  3. It's less than a week old.

    I was running some miscellaneous fluorescent light that I had from a long time ago until yesterday when my friend gave me like 3 CFLS but I'm putting in some new 25W CFLs @ 6400k tomorrow.

    I'll look into the soil and see about that. I need to take a trip to the hydro store anyways.

    Eventually I want to get a Homebox or a Darkroom, or at-least make a Rubbermaid setup because this box is a little hard to work with.
  4. Looks fine to me...

    Just make sure she's under 100 watts eventually

    And chill out with the miracle grow

    Grab some Fox Farms yo

  5. Thanks for the advice!
  6. looks to be searching for light but its ok for now
  7. I agree with Grasshoppa. but maybe not... how far are your lights?

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