Plant doesn't seem green enough..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vwarner, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hey everybody,
    I took a couple pictures of my plants just now to show you.
    They don't seem to be a very dark green, it seems pale..? What could be going on?
    Also just by looking at the plants how do you think they are doing?

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  2. they look fine bro.
  3. Cool, can I have the light closer to them? There is alot of air moving and I dont think they will get hot.
    I have been misting the plants and now I have a little bit of miricle grow in with it and am misting them, is this ok?
  4. lower your CFL another 2inchs, plant looks good to me
  5. Different strains can be all different shades of green. They are looking good. Bring the light down and keep us posted.
  6. I've brought the light down and ill keep you updated for sure.
    I had put some miracle grow in my spray bottle for misting and the leaves started to dry up, I probably should not spray very much on them eh? I'll leave em alone for a day and see what happens.

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