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  1. Alright, this would be my 3rd time growing but this is the first time I've really had any issues with a plant so kinda unsure of what my issue could be. With that being said I've noticed in the past week lower leaves more towards the inside of the plant have been turning yellow, little curling under, and a little browning in some areas. My pH is usually between 6.2 and 6.5, I was thinking maybe a mag issue so I added 2 tsp of epsom into a gallon of water and didn't seem to help. Now I've been told it could be nitrogen deficiency or toxicity, nutrient burn, or even bugs, which has kinda left me blank and stressed out wondering what the hell it actually is. I'll leave some pictures and hopefully someone can put my mind at ease a little haha, and is it at all possible that what's happening is just normal leaf die off and I'm just tripping over it? Just seems a lot more than I'm used to seeing at this stage.



  2. your ph is too low for soil should start at 6.5 and range up to 7.2..
    wrong rootzone ph causes elements to be blocked so even though they are present they can't be absorbed. FLUSH and adjust ph will come back quickly...1 the most.



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  3. by the way what kind of soil is that?

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  4. I know I'll get crap for this lol but it's miracle grow potting soil, I didn't know it wasn't great for the girls until after I put em in it. It's worked well before so just went with it. Learn as you go!
  5. that's what I thought WELL that changes the my friend are fuct....depending on the batch of miracle chemicals you got there is chunks of time release fertilizer that will systematically NUKE the roots as the come into contact with them...and it takes way longer than one full run to WASH that soil luck....I have no plan c for a plant that big in miracle grow's a strong strain to have made it that far...usually it's fuct by then ...but rest assured' will continue until the medium is switched completely....i have yet to see someone prevail and PROVE that they got away with miracle grow....the beginning seems like a miracle...but in cannabis growing it's the end that counts...and to get fat buds can't be burning them with time release chemicals....oh well you live you learn...

    good luck


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  6. I understand most seasoned growers think it's like a death sentence for marijuana plants, but 3rd time growing in it and my last two grows my plants were 8+ feet tall and had no problems. I'm not using other miracle grow products other than the soil. I also have more plants along side this one doing just fine as well. Either way thanks for the response.
  7. I would like to see 8 foot tall pics of healthy plants that were grown in miracle soil...(you could save that company) if you can prove it...but it's OK if there is no pics or proof of any kind ..(there isn't yet ) ...

    you may have got luck with a weaker batch that had less chemicals...MAYBE...even then I doubt it...

    that stuff makes garden flowers fry off Thier bottoms and continue to feed the tops so that they look pretty ...which they do...but that isn't cannabis....and cannabis hates miracles...


    good luck though I know what I would do ..but it would take alot of work.......

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  8. I do have pictures of my first grow but it doesn't really prove I used miracle grow soil cause I put the soil straight into the ground rather than just using the bags, only reason I did this time was due to a massive gopher problem in my yard. I'm guessing it would be way late to try and transplant cause the roots are already through the bottom of the bags and in the ground. But yeah guess I'll just go with the flow and next time get something better suited for the plants.
  9. Well an update, plants are close to being harvested and are looking fire, ones 7 and a half feet and the other is just at 6 feet. Came out pretty damn good for the crap MG gets. I won't be using it anymore just so I can control the nutrients being fed to my plants but I can't really complain, they turned out chunky and dank. Just had to watch out on how much extra nutes I was putting into my soil. Flushing them a little longer than I normally would as well to keep it as clean as possible.

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