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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Nativedgk, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. Hey so I have been growing my first plant for about a couple weeks now l. I'm not sure what stage the plant is in but I setup up soil and have just been watering with 16-6 light schedule. I am using a bin but I usually water until I see it getting puddles but I'm not sure what else to do as far as maintenance. I have brought ppm and ph testers but I am not sure what to test also I was getting fungus gnats and I have used little stickies and captain jack dead bugs for now . So I am just wondering how the health of the plant looks,what I should be doing or feeding the plants at this stage and just some helpful tips of you see something off. IMG_20221126_132829.jpg IMG_20221126_132829.jpg IMG_20221126_132846.jpg
  2. Plant looks good.

    The best defence against fungus gnats is letting the top of your soil dry out between waterings. But now that you've got them you'll need sticky traps (you alredy got them) for the adults and you'll need something like Mosquito Bits to sprinkle on the soil, then water normally. The Bits have BT in them which kills the larvae in the soil and is harmless to plants. It will slowly dissolve into the soil over many waterings.
  3. At this point I'd top it and then start training it in a couple weeks.

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