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  1. When i first started, my plants would always get to be about 2 weeks old, and in my outdor stealth spot, they would turn up missing. At first sight i thought someone plucked them and i thought i was caught. However i figured it out, it was small animals eating my plants. This is a problem in some woodlands, so you ned to protect your plants. Now i was reading, and heard of people putting up fences, but i didnt like that, cause a bird could land on your plant, or fuck it up also. So i made a cage. Basically a 6 foot wooden frame with small hardware mat wrapped around it. I used chicken wire for the top. If you put your plants in a cage, they will not be eaten, and will still get sunlight, so you wont have to worry about them getting fucked up. So heres what i used to build mine, and some basic instruction.


    4 Rolls of some form of chicken wire. (I used very small holes so rats couldent get through.)
    4 Peices of 2x4 big enough to support your plants full growth (6 foot if your aiming high, basically just leave enough room for it to grow, so that you dont have to rebuild your vage bigger)
    4 peices of 2x4 to make a door.
    2 Hinges (The things that make allow doors to open/close)

    Now, take the 2x4, and make a wooden box frame. just a little hollow cube out of 2x4's. Then take a staplegun (or you can use nails and bend them down to hold the chicken wire on) and put the chicken wire on your frame. Make it nice, but leave one side open ,so you can make a door for easy watering ;) Then take your other 2x4's and make a rectangle out of them thats the same size as your open side, and put chicken wire on both sides (double protection). But if you have no wire left, one side will do nicely. Slap on the hinges, attach your door to the hinges and viola. A plant cage. Dont worry about locking it up or anything, because wild animals cant open doors, and if someone finds it, they can just rip apart your cage and steal your shit. So dont waste your cash. Then put somthing hard to penetrate on the ground (i used a peice of plywood), then set your cage ontop of this. Open your door, put in your plant, and viola. Animals cant touch your stuff. This is much more effective than a fence, and just a little bit more difficult to build. Hope this helps!

    - Vincent
  2. doesn't a big ass cage like that kind of take away from the whole stealth aspect? Just put some chicken wire around the bottom.
  3. chicken wire is hardly visible from the air, and if you put it in a good enough spot, it wont mater. spraypainting the wood and decorating it a little with shit to camoflauge it would be a good idea. But if you leave it in a cagem it will protect it when it's flowering even, and you wont have to aorry about anything eatching your shit. But i dont think its a bad idea.

    - Vince

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