Plant budding like crazy, just cracked at base. Will it repair?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by doobiesnack, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I have a killer purple haze plant growing in my yard. Unfortunately, this morning it got a bit rainy/windy and the plant bent over and cracked from being so top heavy. It cracked badly about halfway thru the stem. I bent it back up and positioned it in a way that it wouldn't fall over. I then took 5 toothpicks and some clear tape and mended the bend/break. I also moved it inside and plan on growing it indoors from now on.

    I have heard a lot of success stories about repairing plants. This bend/break was about a foot up on the base of the stem. The plant itself is like 4 feet tall.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Someone or something.. broke one of the colas on my biggest plant at its base, it was about about an inch wide and about 3-4 feet long and it was hanging on by a thread still goin strong some how. Now im pissed and lost hope in my plants.. they are all going to get stolen :'(
  3. does this purple haze make your nose bleed when you get a wiff of it
  4. Doobiesnacks. Something horrible like that happened to me a month ago and just 3 days ago, but all is not lost.

    A month ago i was tying the branches back on my girls and foolishly I forgot I had tied one of the main branches in 2 places so in effect I was pulling her branch in 2 directions. Ofcourse I bent the solid branch over and almost cryed. Ultimately I got strips of a cloth towel, wet them, and tied them real tight around the break. I lifted the branch back up and had it supported by a tall stake in the ground. Every day I took the "bandage off" and remoistened it. I thought maybe it was good to get the break some air ( I really dunno about that, plus H2O has oxygen anyways). I always made sure the bandage was moist though. Within a week she was good as new, she has this knuckle looking thing now, but I'm hoping it will just increase nutrient flow.

    Than afew days ago I too had a big storm and it caused this same sensimilia to split 3 inches down the stem from where she was topped. I felt even worse than when I bent her. So immediately I tried the same technique with wet cloth stripps, than I got some twine and tied it as tight as I could in 2 places. So far there are no sign of drooping or any ill effects besides looking at the bandage. I haven't taken the bandage off though cus it is mostly what is holding the split together ( I should have used the twine first so I could monitor her regeneration).

    I mean Marijuana is a weed right? So weeds are hardy, vigorous plants to begin with so. Lets hope our stems heal...
  5. :confused:I allways thought purple haze was a myth:confused:
  6. Good news! It has been 2 days now and the plant is still going strong. I think it will survive.

    The clear tape/toothpick brace combo seems to be working nicely. I will keep you updated.

    Thanks for the input!

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