Plant bottom leafs yellowing

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  1. Hello im 2 1/2 weeks into flowering and i have a question about my leafs. Im growing indoors in soil with a 600w HID fox farm famous 3 nutrients and im in grow bags. Im trying to figure out why my leafs are dying and yellowing up at the bottom. Everything at the top of the plant is excellent. Here is a pic of the leafs that i easily pulled of from the bottom 20170711_184329.jpg Any Ideas?
  2. pics of the plants?

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  3. The plant on the right is good 20170711_202945.jpg 20170711_202938.jpg 20170711_202957.jpg 20170711_202952.jpg
  4. pics without the leds homey...and close up...

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  5. Think about it.
    Those lowest fan leafs are some of the oldest leafs on your plant.
    As flowering progresses, the plant is concentrating it's energy on budding.
    Those old leafs have served their purpose and are naturally dying off.
    The health of the upper growth and the flowering bear this out.
    No need for concern. The process is natural. No plant retains all it's leaves throughout its lifecycle.
  6. shit.. to late now my plants sleepin, ill show you when they wake up but do you have any thoughts on what it could be? i feel like it might just be what tangentweed said.
  7. I agree with what he said about the lower leaves shedding off. but there is no mention of the overall state of droopinness. and confused or sad look to the plant ..also ...the leaves that have she'd off in the pics did have some deficiency to them as well as being the old leaves that won't hit light .SO.better pics up close in normal lighting (when u can) is the best thing for diagnosing. also all the info you know really the runoff ph the temps the ec level ...on a forum you can never tell too much info...only too little.....with that said it could be your cat was peeing on the plant for weeks...THEN the diagnosis would change significantly. SO...let us know.what all happened..and we'll let you know where your at.

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  8. ok

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