Plant Automatically Flowering (most likely not an auto-flowering strain)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Colour, May 20, 2010.

  1. Long story short, I checked on my plant today and noticed two points on the nodes where I can see a calyx forming and pistils emerging. I haven't flicked the light cycle yet so I'm wondering why it's doing it. I got the seed from a mate and I have no idea what strain it is, but I grew some plants outdoors from the same batch and it wasn't auto-flowering.

    Is there any other reason why the plant might force itself to flower?

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Assuming you've done everything correctly thus far, yes, but it usually means that somewhere in its genetic code it has the auto flower gene. It's probably not supposed to be active, but on that one plant it is.

    so in a way, it is an autoflower :p

    More realistically

    What is your light cycle, and have you had any power outages, etc?

    If your light is disturbed enough, it can cause flowering to occur. Also hermies, so watch that one. It's already acting up on you.

    I recommend a light timer if you don't already use one, or simply use 24/0 for veg if you are not already. I really prefer 20/4 because it's all the plants can. After 20 hours they shut down regardless, so might as well let them sleep with the light out eh?
  3. I'm on a 18/6 light cycle, no power outages recently. Should I just flick it to a 12/12 cycle seeming as it's already flowering, or being an auto-flower I can leave it on 18/6 and just change the nutes? It's mature enough to flower at the moment, I was just going to give it another 2 or so weeks to allow it to grow a little more.

    Appreciate the help.
  4. weird dude... I mean, it's kind of a win win and a no win, lol, If they're auto then you cant clone them, so you cant play with them to see if they're auto or not. But if they arent auto, then you could clone them and play with them.. BUt like dude said, since they flowered like that, they are auto by definition at least.

    So here is my thinking.... flip them over and clone them.. If they wont clone, they were probably auto, but at that point it wont matter, rofl.

    Its a bit of an enigma.

    they are much worse problems to have, good luck! :smoke:
  5. Thanks for the help dude, I was thinking I'd better not stress the plant and flip it to 12/12 like you suggested. I'd better pay my local hydro shop a visit on the weekend and pick up some flowering nutes. Bit of a fucking bugger because I just drained and replaced the nutrient solution in the reservoir two days ago.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

  6. idk what happens when you put an auto under 12/12, but you really dont have any other options because if she's not auto and you dont flip her she could herm.

    Im less stoned now and its even more confusing.

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