plant are sick

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jamnit, May 19, 2006.

  1. ok i have been growing 2 plants in 2x2 foot white cardborad box with 3 23w cfls in some poting mix. This is just a temp room for now but anyways my plant were gowing good for about two weeks and then i started to notice the rim of the leaves turing light green i thought is was no big deal. i went to go check on the the next day and tips of the leaves are turing brown and there are brown spots and the leaves

    i dont think i am burning my plants cause i have the cfls 4' away from my plants
    i water them every two days
    i havent anded any ferts yet

    i thinking it maybe a ventalation problem, cause the room in not that ventalated
    have left the top of the box open to give fresh air i also have been taking them out side but they are geting worse
  2. hi mate if youv got any pictures that would be a great help, but from what you saying it might be not watering enough (remember as the plant gets bigger so does its thirst) another thing is the potting soil use use does that have ferts in it.
    im no expert but sounds like one of these two.
    nice one . laterz
  3. move the lights much closer to the plants. Within inches.

    Take some temperature readings in the box. Don't water unless you need to. Check the soil pH. Does the soil have any fetilizer in it?

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