Plant #2 week 2 how does it look to you?

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  1. this plant growing slower and growing nodes way quicker like stacked on each other idk if that good but it is using same organic soil as my other thread buh the plant in my other thread is more developed it seems or is my plant just gonna be more full if that makes sense any feed back is good thanks !

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  2. Not stretching as much as your other one which is good imo. Your leaves are yellowing tho which is an issue. How often are you watering?

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  4. Update !! Growing more bottom leaves still a lil yellow tho

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  5. This looks like a 3-4 day old cannabis plant.
    What kind of water are you giving it?
    Also what is that soil.

    The plant doesn't seem to like it too much.
  6. It just some organic soil with very little nitrogen in it I think the first mistake I made was giving it nutes to early
  7. A
    nd I'm getting my ph stuff in the mail rn I haven't phed the water until it come tht might be a problem too
  8. I've never had a plant look like that from seed in 3-4 days... your month old plant you posted two days back was hardly bigger than his two week plant lol his will be significantly larger than yours come another two weeks... now he has his issues but size really isn't that big of an issue right now...

    OP you need some perlite in that soil and I would highly recommend for next grow you use fox farms store locator and see what nurseries local to you carry the brand... I recommend happy frog but ocean forest works well too it can just be a bit hot for seedlings. The stuff you are using now looks really dense an woody chippy just not what they need to thrive that root zones probably real compact you need a hefty amount of perlite like 65/35 soil/perlite ratio

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  9. Yeah but my 2 week plant thats been growing good is a hell of a lot bigger than this one. Don't try to undermined me I don't speak unless I know what i'm talking about.
  10. If u check my other plantnout it basically the same age and 4 times bigger than this it crazy
  11. yeah i had the same problem.
    Is this one in the same soil??

    Some plants are more sensitive than other.
  12. No it isn't actually I'm surprised cause the one that thriving is in some old cheap soil with compost buh orgmicnim sure the one I'm using for the little one orgamic buh way newer and fresher I think it just some strains thrive better in different situations
  13. Yeah it just depends on what nutrients are available in the soil for it.
  14. Well there none in the one that thriving lol buh I feed it nutrients
  15. Update burns are from cfl fallin on it and i didnt notice till a frew hours later

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  16. Update u can see where i tooped the new growth coming in just put some fox farm nutrients i got today see how it goes

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