Plans for the future

Discussion in 'General' started by grassisfree, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Its typical for people to think stoners don't have any plans for the future. What are yours?
  2. Working full time then gonna be goin to school in the fall to be a computer engineer
  3. Finish college, start a career.

    Somewhat contrary to the point though, is that even though the jobs I can get with my degree will make me comfortably middle class, I plan on living in the cheapest place possible (trailer park, apartments, etc) while I'm still young and save up / spend a lot of disposable income on all the nice stuff I've never had, like cars and big TVs and shit like that. Then later when I've saved up enough money and paid off my student loans and stuff, I plan on moving to a nicer place.
  4. Go to uni, graduate, get a career which preferably isn't based in this country, I'm kinda bored of this country I keep getting urges to just go somewhere, check out different food, culture, climate etc. 18 years living in the same country is just kinda starting to bore me now.

    Edit: Good thread grassisfree

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