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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by syffur, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. I have another question for you.Does anyone know of a good site that has do it yourself type diagrams or pictures of hydro set ups that can be built at home.I'm pretty damn handy with my tools and stuff when I'm good and stoned and I have lots of time on my hands right now to experiment a little.

  2. if its been said once here, its been said a thousand times. FAQ section, then try the hyrdoponics section, bubble bucket or deep water culture folders.

    5 gallon bucket
    aquarium air pump
    air stone
    net pot or a nursery pot with holes drilled in the bottem
    grow medium
    clean gravel
    pH adjust chemicals
    pH meter
    EC meter
    seeds or clones
    pen and paper
    electrical cord
    exhaust fan
  3. Thanks Puff for clearing me up on that.I feel I wasted your time on that one bro.Anyway after great thought and a really good bud being gently and carefully rolled into a healthy happy joint and smoked into something that burned the shit out of my fingers, I now believe I will just stick to soil and lights and try the really techy high dollar shit some other time.As always you are appreciated for you wisdom.
  4. ya.. im going to try soil for my first grow, hydro sounds too complicated, and too frikin expensive. all natural herb goes good with all natural soil ;)

  5. yeah ... im growing in soil too .. and if done it .. soil can even surpass dro ... dont be fooled ... more expensive doesnt always mean better ...

  6. I politely disagree with your statement.
  7. heh, well from what ive read, soil is waaay easier for a first time grower... i dont know about yield, but from what ive read(and what ive smoked ;)) hydro puts a spicy sorta taste into the mj..

    does that just depend on what nutrients go into the solution or what?

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