Plans after college/ opening a dispensary

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  1. So I'm thinking of 2 paths: either I want to teach constitutional rights and government and stuff at a high school level and become a part time drug counselor is my goal lat least for education. I want at least my masters

    But I've also been thinking something else up... A good friend of mine who's a Bro to me wants to open up a dispensary.

    I already have some cooking experience and maybe I could start up a dispensary/ edibles restaurant and teach classes on how to make them.

    If so, I would do it about 5 years from now.

    The big question.. What is your guess on how much it would cost?

    For CA, does anyone know what permits you need? Thinking about getting serious with him about this.

    It may be hard work at first, but it'll pay off ya know?

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  2. I can't help you much on the permits but I'm moving out to California in a few years so if you are still on Grasscity and you need help setting shit up just try to contact me. I've been really wanting to get into the dispensary business whenever I get there. If you currently have a job then I'm sure you can pay for online courses or if there is a local place you can go to a university that teaches you about the business.
  3. I'd advise on takin botany classes
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    Well let see you will be going to college do you will be broke when you get out. To start a dispensary you would need at least 100k start up. Keep dreaming.
    And no banks won't loan you money to open up a pot shop. It's all out of pocket.
  5. For running a business. I don't think so. It's a little easier to learn to grow in your own than it would be learn how to run a business
  6. Grow in a closet.  Cook to get some recipes right.....but stay on the path for the other jobs while you scrimp and save for the dispensary. 
    If you lack the discipline or things change, you will always have the education.  If not, run the best damn dispensary you can!
  7. path 1 will not work, too hard to do. 
    Stick to opening a dispensary, hopefully 5 years down weed will be completely legal and they will use it in food on MasterChef.
    After that I think it would be safe to give cooking lessons.
    Remember wait for the MasterChef deal. If it is MasterChef Canada or some shit disregard it.
  8. There's already too many dispensaries as it is to be honest. That's why there are always bills and shit going on to try and close some. 
  9. Start small think big
  10. That might be the best advice I have seen on GC. Your not just going to wake up and be scare face. He did start out as a dish washer to.
  11. Start one in the hood or somewhere without a dispencery nearby that would be your best bet

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  12. best advice to OP...have a shit load of cash you are ready to lose and never recover.

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