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Discussion in 'General' started by MixtapeMaf1A, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. i'm a habitual smoker, i pretty much smoke everyday. it helps wake me up and focus and i can get to all my classes on time and it helps me work...blah blah blah you guys know how it is

    im wondering if you guys plan on ever quitting weed...i think im def gonna cut down when i get older but i dont know if i gonna stop...i love tokin; :smoke:

    anyone else?
  2. haha never quitting... breaks? yes.
  3. i had to stop do to alot of things in my life...i smoked WAY too much, it was hard for me to get a job, go back to school etc... and the best one was that im on parole and probation and that definantly wasnt making my PO basically i just decided one day that enough was enough and i had to man up and stop smoking.... I have to admit though i have tried salvia i dont know if thats cheating or not all i do know is that shit doesnt show up on a piss im golden...anyway i dont think youll grow out of uncle still smokes and hes like 40 something... its more personal preference
  4. anyone that ever quits will be back at least once if there lucky.

    its like the mafia "You arent goin no wheres and you definetley aint leavin this buisness"
  5. I do know how that is and I will probably never quit. I smoke everyday, all day and on the rare occasion when I am dry, people always seem to ask,,,whats wrong with you today? :smoke:
  6. i plan on being an md, i think i will have to quit or at least confine it to vacations
  7. well the only people i know that successfully quit
    weed are now either alcoholics or chain smoke
  8. haha yeah, i aint myself unless i smoke. when i was younger and didnt smoke weed, i was always really up tight and got pissed off over stupid shit. i think if i were to quit smoking, i would need to get prescribed to something to stay mellowed out. so i dont think ill ever stop smokin, but maybe if i really had too

  9. That sucks. I quit blazing, to pursue a career in the USAF intelligence branch. I know quite a few people who quit, and live normal lives, just without the drugs.

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