Planning to bike across America next summer

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  1. What do you think?:cool:
  2. good luck
    where do u start and end?
    i suggest training b4 hand :p
  3. That sounds like a bad ass idea. Ive actually thought about doing that a lot for some reason, it'd just be nice to see the country like that. What are you doing for money though? I say backpack it and live off of the land OII
    Shit i forgot, i'd definitely bring an mp3 player loaded up with stuff. It's nice to see the sites and take it all in, but some long roads and stuff will become a pain without some beats
  4. you should do it
    how cool would you be if u actually accomplished that...
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    Right now im planning on starting on the west coast to get the hardest terrain over with first. Plus, Ill have the prevailing wind at my back. I want to end in South Port, NC. I haven't picked a route yet I still have a lot of time to plan for it. Im hoping for about a 45 day trek. I don't think conditioning will be a problem I've completed 50 mile rides many times.

    I think a year of planning and living frugally to save money (I'm estimating I'll need anywhere from $2000-$4000 for the trip) will be enough time.

    I'm planning on making a website for friends to follow the trip. Ill probably try to upload pictures everyday.

    As of now I'll be making this trip alone and spending most nights in cheap motels. I don't think I'm gonna want to haul a tent around with all my other gear.

    It's gonna be epic :D
  6. great plan man. i can't imagine riding my fucking bike across america.
  7. Race Across America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Only one way to do it right. :cool:
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