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  1. I am planning my grow op and want to get some advice, suggestions or some 'NO DON"T DO THAT!'. What kind of

    The circumstances for this grow might get complicated as we will be on vacation during part of the grow, away for 10 days 800 miles away.

    I would grow 2 plants, Delicious Seeds-Critical Kali Mist and GHS Pure Kush. I would also time the grow so that the day I leave on vacation the plants start week 5 of their growth.

    What I am trying to accomplish is a grow period that is the least troublesome during my absence. Lighting will not be a problem as I have reliable a timer for the 18/6 photo period and will place the lights with enough distance to ensure they don't get light burn.

    Feeding and watering might be an issue since I have never been away from any grow op for that length of time. I could get two more expensive timers an use two reservoirs, one for feeding and one for watering with a timer for each reservoir and rig up the lines to the smartpots.

    Does anyone have any experience with type of situation?
  2. Sorry man. 10 days is longer than I have done.

    Most nutrients, once mixed, have a life of about 7 days. 10 days is pushing it on that. You are probably looking at some kind of automated drip feed system using just water, but I imagine that is what you figured.

    A good soaking on the day you leave, maybe transplant just prior to a larger container that can hold more solution, and maybe you can squeeze by without having to do anything else. Let's see if anyone else has pulled off such a period of non-presence.
  3. Thanks SCMC. Surely someone has gone on vacation that lasted approx this time. I really hate to do this but I don't want to wait to start the next crop. What I have will be done in about 21 days and I will have a small window to go through the sprout, seedling and vegging phase.

    Keeping the nutes right was what I foresaw as the biggest hurdle. What would feeding them half strength for 10 days do to the average plant?

    I do plan on a drip type of system, either blumats or a home built drip system powered by a timed pump. For security reasons I can't have someone coming over to take care of them. My 'grow' friend could do it and is very trustworthy but eyebrows in the neighborhood would raise if someone was to come over and take care of my garden in the garage.

    Hopefully someone can chime in with what they do during an extended absence.
  4. youve answered your own ?

    either blumats or diy drip

    id go w/ the drip. blumats can be very finicky little f***ers, you would either come back to a flooded garage or plants that are completely dried out

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