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    My goal is to have an entirely organic grow using 2:1 coco coir/perlite. Looking at Earth Juice (Just For Coir is a new line), I am aware they let their certification lapse, but are all of their products considered "organic"? I have read a few grow journals and I see people are using a number of different supplements along with the standard NPK regiment. While I want to maximize my plants' potential, I don't want to give them anything they don't need or that might lessen the overall quality of the final product.

    UPDATE: I decided to go with the No-Till method instead.
  2. If you wanna maximize the plants potential you dont want earth juice. What you want is an amazing humus source that has been amended properly then mixed with areation and peat moss. If you dont wanna take the super simple route then the second simple route would be to buy a big bag of kelp meal, mix that in your soil then feed them kelp meal teas alone.
    Much love

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  3. I guess it doesn't have to be coir & EJ, but I am looking for something very easy to maintain, and organic of course. It would also be nice if I could leave it alone for a few days without having to hand feed all the time.
  4. I suggest checking out mountain organics new notill thread! Simplest way of gardening ever!! And if you get some tropf blumats in there youll spend very little time in the garden:)

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  5. Thanks for the suggestion. That method seems far more complicated than I am looking for. I want something relatively simple and consistent. Is there anything wrong with the EJ line? Are there better liquid alternatives?
  6. do a search for ironhead he does grow in coco coir. but in terms of simplicity, nothing beats a good soil. just mix a soil according to a recipe and its mostly water from then on. im sick and havnt been in my garden for 3 days, im not even worried.
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  7. If you want simpler then that your out of luck. You can chase bottle after bottle after bottle for the problems you run into if you want. (Just like big pharma scripts) But youre gonna be doing that for life. (Also like big pharma) what your saying to me screams notill. We dont have to transplant, we dont feed our plants. Its the simplest thing you can think of. If youre using EJ i suggest buying their whole line, ph up and down. Catalyst and whatever else they have cuz youll need it:)

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  8. I appreciate the feedback. I completely understand what you're saying lotus710. I sort of had my mind set on doing liquid nutes in coir, but organic soil definitely seems like the best way to go, once I get past the initial setup pains.

    If you're just watering the plants, could you use a watering globe to keep them hydrated for a week or two without interaction?
  9. Certainly. A cheap way are tropf blumats. You set them and forget em and you can forget em for quite some time:)

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  10. blumat water globes hold very little water, 23oz which is just under 3 cups. they might hold a 1gallon pot over for 2 or three days but i wouldn't expect much more from them. if you want to automate hydration on anything bigger there are two ways i can recommend.
    1. wicking trays: Noobwannb's Self Wicking Smartpot ghetto setup
    2. blumat tropf with a raised reservoir. you can check out how i set them up i think its on the first page of my journal.
    (link in my sig)
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  11. Sweet! Other than cost, do you have any thoughts on Kind Soil? It seems like a pretty easy way to grow organic. Noobwannb's setup looks great, but I would be concerned that the kind soil being on the bottom layer only might be depleted quicker using his solution.
  12. kind soil is supersoil layers and spikes in disguise. not a very good disguise mind you.
    but just looking at the list of ingredients is enough to convince me this is something you should stay away from.
    it contains every buzz word hyped ingredient out there, including some nasty ones like cotton seed meal, feather meal, langbeinite and beneficial bacteria (that last one always makes me chuckle, as if they have some secret kind of bacteria no other soil has).
    this is a product designed specifically to lure new cannabis growers into wasting their money, and time.

    and pardon me saying but if you really are looking for a simple way to grow organic why are you looking at these half ass complicated methods? half media, half layers of kind soil...mix a new batch every round...why?
    does it really sound complicated to mix a soil from scratch, you literally buy some products and mix them in a bucket. and you only do this once! and then reuse that soil over and over again? without even needing to dig out the roots of your harvested plants?
  13. Fair enough. The kind soil didn't seem that complicated compared to the prospect of sourcing ~20 different ingredients and composting for 2-3 months
  14. for a good base soil you will need 8 ingredients, 9 if your feeling adventurous. the base is made of the first 3 in equal parts, the rest are added at about 1cup per CF of base soil:
    sphagnum peat
    kelp meal
    neem meal
    crab/lobster meal
    rock dust
    malted barely.
    biochar (optional)

    thats it, thats all you need to have an amazing fertile soil that will get better with age.

    as for compost, you could make your own sure but you really dont have to. there are plenty of good products out there depending on where you are located.
    its a bit of leg work sure, but its not so much really. especially considering two things:
    1. you will save lots of time and money not trying out "simpler methods" who end up taking more time and money in the long run. once you mix your soil your work is done! when you harvest you chop the plant and dig a little hole next to the stump and replant, thats it. with coco or kind soil or supersoils with layers you will have to do everything all over again every round. my no-till smartpot is currently on round 3, hav'nt touched the soil. heck i barely go to check on them once a day now, if that. and that usually is me opening the tent admiring the girls and closing the tent back up...hard work lol!

    2. the quality of the meds you will grow will be superb.
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  15. "aeration" would be something like perlite, right? If I don't end up making my own compost, what would I substitute in it's place? Or would it then be 50/50 peat/perlite, plus everything else?

    When re-using the soil after harvest, the existing root system doesn't interfere with the new plant?
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  16. aeration can be perlite yes, but you can use other stuff like lava rock, pumice..w/e is available to you.
    you need compost in your soil so no you cant go 50/50 without it. but compost is not hard to find. there are a few good products out there like coast of main, malibu compost, or eco scraps which is decent and available at home depot. you definitly want a quality product when looking for compost as this is the main fuel that drives to soil.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    there is some great info on the no-till thread, most everything you need to know is on the front page
  17. oh and as for transplanting, the existing root system quickly decomposes and breaks down, returning stored nutrients and minerals back to the soil.
  18. Thanks for all the great information! I read over the notill thread again and I don't know why I thought it was so complicated (haf?) but it looks pretty easy now. THX
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  19. np, its sometimes overwhelming with all the information on the web. but you landed in a good place, lots of good people willing to help out with good info. also feel free to ask questions in the no-till thread if you have any, like where to find good compost around where you are located.
  20. this forum is amazing :)
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