Planning on trying shrooms

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  1. Yeah, that's what I figured.

    Do you think the picture shows them well enough to say they're psilocybes? I'm pretty sure they are, but I just need confirmation :rolleyes:
  2. Did you actually say you paid $100 for an eighth??
    holy hell

    you got ripped the fuck off
    I can't believe no one said anything...

    an eighth should be $30 TOPS
    go to your dealer and spit on him now.
  3. QFT!!!!!!!

    I would not recommend tripping at all with your parents being back, just a way for god to send you to bad paths! Too low of quality pictures to tell, but they look like some..
  4. 3/8ths.

  5. Well then you only got ripped a lil bit... I would pay that much.

    I know little about shrooms, but they look fine to me.

    ...If you're 18, why does it matter how intoxicated you look? be like, yes, I am intoxicated, what's your point? You don't have to tell them how.
  6. You're just gonna keep asking until you get the answer you want to hear right? Ok, do it, you'll be fine,

  7. Exactly.
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    3/8ths is confusing to most people; you're referring to three separate eights of shrooms for $100, which breaks down to $100 a half/$33 an eighth, which isn't bad at all if it all weighs out.

    The picture you posted looks like it might contain Psilocybe Cyanescens rather than the common psilocybe cubensis strain (though it could totally be cubensis, I'm not sure). Cyanescens (also known as wavy caps) are usually more potent on average than cubensis, because they tend to produce more psilocin & psilocybin per weight, though variables during the grow process can largely affect the potency of the dried product.

    I'd say start at 2-2.5 grams and wait 45-60 minutes, then bump your dose up 1-1.5 grams (so no more than a full eighth at most) if you feel you can handle it.
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    I figured someone would say it. I agree that I'm stubborn but I just don't see myself getting a more ideal time than this. Granted, you guys might be right, but honestly I'm up for the risk. I only kept bumping this thread for followup questions really rather than the original post.

  10. Look man, that for one is not 3/8ths, when I even got an 8th I got wayyy more than that. But I do know in certain places they charge hella expensive.

    If you and you're friend eat what is shown in that picture, you guys probably would only have a mild trip, and it will gradually get stronger towards your peak. The best part about shrooms, I think, is the euphoria you feel when you listen to some good music I remember I was in my room walking back and fourth looking at my posters grow smaller every step back, and grow large and intense every step forward.

    Oh and you should be able to be all like "some taco bell sounds good" unless your a complete fucking idiot, I was fine talking on shrooms, except when I tried to explain something my train of thought would constantly leave me so I normally refrained from talking lol.

    And be sure to turn off any lights your parents could see your face in, when you trip your going to always look like this :eek:
  11. It can be extremely difficult to determine weight of product through a crappy, low-resolution picture. Both the stems and caps he posted in that picture are fairly large and probably weigh more than an equally-eyeballed amount of cubensis. To pretend that you can say with authority that the amount of shrooms in the OP's pic doesn't weigh out is ridiculous; you have no way of knowing how dense/large they are.
  12. Just giving an update for those who were concerned.

    Thanks for all the help, we waited till night time rather than risking the time crunch in the middle of the day. We didn't get a chance to go outside obviously, but have no regrets. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life and would like to thank everyone for their input, positive or negative as I took all of it into consideration and truly giving me good vibes.

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