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Planning On Trying Marijuana Again

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by salmon1a, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hello all!  I haven't smoked pot since the early 80's and need some advice regarding trying the stuff out again.  I am considering it since I live in a medical marijuana state and suffer from frequent back pain but would also like to use it recreationally as an alternative to alcohol/caffeine/tobacco.  When I quit, I was smoking mostly hash, but grew up on four finger bags of "Mexican" (with plenty of stems and seeds).
    Everyone tells me marijuana is more potent these days... any advice on strains to consider and methods of intake and any other advice would be appreciated!

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    I see you suffer from back pain. Strain wise any Indica Dominant. To get specific my favorites are Blueberry, White Rhino, and really any strain with Kush genetics. They are all very good for pain management. As far as method of intake that just depends on preference. To get the most out of your bud get a quality vaporizer. If you are set on combustion I would get a quality bong.
    Also since you're in an MMJ states look into edibles. They're good for pain management and digestive disorders.
  3. if you grew up on mexi-brick you're in for a treat my friend :) especially living in an mmj state
  4. Take it slow.
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    That's 30 years of cannabis breeding to come up with the most potent strains, and also give rise to a lot of popular variation such that you have a wide selection of strains with different effects. Just sample some, and only take a hit or two just to get the feel. I'd imagine that a 30 year break will probably make it feel like a whole new experience again.

    EDIT: And for fuck's sake, listen to some good music.
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    Take it slow bro. Weed these days can knock you on your ass. A few tokes should do ya fine.
  7. Take a .5g dab out of a bong your first time.
  8. wow dick. I wouldnt do that

    Name calling and disrespect are not tolerated at GC. - Chunk
    Well, you're not him. Do it OP.
  10. You should probably have me smoke whatever you get first, to test it out, you know? Like how kings had poison tasters. I just want to best for you my brotha. 
  11. Thanks for all the advice - I guess I'll wait for my medical card and take it slow.  Interesting about the dab thing - back in my serious smoking days we used to do hash with hot knives, on a pin under glass or in my old G-graphics bong.  I have fond memories of that bong; it was sturdy as hell, came with different size bowls and was cool to look at.  I wouldn't want to know how much pot/hash was smoked out of that thing...I think my mom turned it into a vase after finding it in my old room! 
  12. Do you have some buddy's who smoke?
  13. When you finally get the bud, prepare for the experience. Get a nice drink, maybe a movie. When I get a new flavor (strain), I brush my teeth before smoking to try to get the most out the taste. I enjoy brushing after sometimes too. I am crazy thorough when I'm high. Never had a cavity!
  14. one hit of todays weed is going to rip your head off lol
    im jealous.
    my dad smoked after 20-30 years .001 got him retarded lol
  15. I know of a few people that partake - some legally with medical cards and two others that just like to get high.  They are just acquaintances though.  Thinking of sharing with my girlfriend if she is willing.  Back in the 70's she said she tried it a couple of times, but never felt anything.  Do you regular smokers develop a tolerance to marijuana..i.e. need more for pain relief or to get high? 
    Kinda scary that one hit could knock a person on their butt...fortunately the kids are out of the house so only the dogs will think I'm retarded!
  16. Look mate, you smoke cigs right? If yes roll a cig and put a little bit of weed in there and smoke away, your back pain will go and the only side-effects are laughter and munchies :)
    Enjoy yourself oldman.
  17. What you want to do is buy a top shelf 1/8th of whatever strain smells best to you, roll that in a spliff with .5g of super melt wax & a full gram of full melt hash, dip the spliff in some quality hash oil and then roll it in keif like it was some magical churro! Light that baby up and FREAK THE FUCK OUT MAN!! or just take an 18 dose edible and call it a week. either way WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF WEED
  18. The best way to go about this is to use weed like you remember smoking hash, in very small amounts at first.    
  19. I envy you man, you're going to have a good time.

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