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Planning on moving to CO

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BiGGs x, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I would like your input on Colorado's MMJ. How good is it on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best weed you have ever smoked. And how is the price on the variety. Thanks guys :smoke:
  2. Colorado is awesome for weed! The dispensary by me has a ton of good stuff snowcap purple kush and purple urkle are my favorites oz from 275 to 350 and half oz from 76 to 206. The weed here is great never been to a dispensary in colorado where the weed is bad. The weed here is to me a solid 9. Oh and by the way colorado is beautiful it's sunny all the time and evreybody is nice
  3. Are there a lot of smokers?
  4. I've heard the prices are a lot lower than Cali.

    IMO, I wouldn't move to CO just for mmj. You have to establish residency before you can even apply and then it could be up to 35 days for approval. What will you do if your app is turned down?
  5. It depends on where you are planning to go boulder has a lot of people that smoke but it is pricy so if you were looking at living in boulder or near you should go to louisville 10 minute drive and way less expensive there are a lot of people that smoke in denver you will be in a city but the surrounding area is not very attractive. Where ever you go you will find a good amount of smokers though and like I said before they are nice. The Foothills and area's around boulder and Fort Collins are beautiful but you are a bit excluded if you want to be in a super busy area if so Denver is where you want to be. If you want to meet new smokers go to concerts and to clubs and you will find someone to smoke with
  6. Even if you dont get your MMJ card here, its a great place to live.

    I personaly dont have my card, but i know MANY people who do. Just gotta make a quick drive to the local dispensary, and i get Medical Marijuana through my friends.

    EDIT: Live in the suburbs of Boulder currently, best place i have ever lived
  7. You really should not take advantage of the system like that. Also, your friends could lose their red cards by doing this.
  8. I live in Boulder, the mmj scales from id say 7-10 depending on where you go for the bud, cause some places just dont know shit about anything... but some know more than enough lol...

    You can find oz's of weed i would rate at 8-9/10 for 150-170 an oz... and bud thats definitely 9.5-10 for 200-350 an oz.... my pick up thread is packed with boulder bud if you want a reference hahahahahah
  9. OMG this thread makes me so damn homesick.

    There really is no place like The People's Republic of Boulder.

    You asked about the weather. You will probably be fine in January- but I can't GUARANTEE it. The winters are very different than they are in the midwest. It might snow- but it will be gone pretty quickly- like a day or two. Often times the snow is gone within hours. You never really see that nasty, black snow that accumulates and stays around for weeks like you do in the mw.

    Just go. That's all I can say. :)

  10. THIS!! I took the DASH to school- picked it up at the corner of McCaslin and S. Boulder Road...

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