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  1. so its christmas eve and ive already decided that im going to be doing an outdoor grow this year. Last year I tried an indoor grow, which worked well for about 2 weeks till the plants started gettin curled down leaves (overwatering or nitrogen def.?) and they stopped growing pretty much. cut the power to the box after 2 more weeks of nothing new growing. so ive got a tad bit of experience of what not to do.

    This year, me and my pal have been scouting out possible grow spots and we've found 3 or 4. they'll be getting full summer sun from sun up to sun down, so ive got light taken care of.

    but this leads me to the next step, soil. I need to know what the general practice on soil is. Should i be using potting soil mixed with perlite/vermicluiite like i would on an indoor grow? what materials should i be using?im guessing that i should look for a neutral soil or compost? is this right to assume?

    i'm also thinking of starting the plants inside in february so that they can be sexed before i put them outside and so that they can have a good 2-3 months of vegging before they get ouside.

    If i were to do this, what would you say the end height of my plants would be in september?

    So...what am I going to be growing you might ask? Well, due to recent advances in technology(my hook-up) i know have proquered some mighty fine genetics. Northern Lights, which i've heard is a relatively good strain to start growing with(?). I also have Strawberry Kush, Silver Haze(which i've heard is not the easiest to grow), "The Purps", grandaddy purp, and a couple of random bagseeds. What im planning on doing is starting most of the seeds that i have, probably 5 or so seeds of each. I figure on 2 or 3 of them being female, and the others being male/dieing/excess females. I'm going to be vegging the plants for 2-3 months inside so they can be strong and get a head start when they get put outside for the great northwestern summer
  2. hey man, im also going to be doing an outdoor grow next year. i see that you had curled leaves...but that wasnt a nitrogen differciency, you over fertilized. thats awesome that youre planning with a friend...i have also. we foung 3 perfect spots, one of them should be the best with the most yeilding.

    as for the soil, dont worry about it. i am planning on buying a fatass bag of potting soil (foxfarm seedling soil) to get my plants started. then after a few weeks i will transfer them to regular potting soil, then finally after about 4 weeks of veg, to their home- the dirt.

    good call on starting the plants inside...but from where i live (northern cali) im going to let nature do its work. i am going to start them outside from seedling, to maximize growth. if you do plant them after vegging inside for a while, they should be pretty huge. starting in february and ending in september would give you some massive bushes with huge colas (what im hoping for)

    as for the seeds, try to make sure your dealer is reliable. sometimes if theyre not the closest of friends (just acquaintances), they will say "this is the best of the best...white widow seeds" and you will end up with some low-quality genetics. im gonna use bagseed, but it will hopefully be good quality bud. as for the number of females that will give you bud in september, a good rule of thumb is:
    You start with 10 seeds
    statistically, 5 will be male 5 will be female
    out of the 5 females, 2 will most likely die (just assuming) or will have problems
    leaving you with 3 good female plants.

    its exciting planning out the grow huh? its hard not to just start right now its so fun. i hope your grow goes well, check in with me in 2 months when i start planting outside.
  3. you can always go compost or build your own soil, but for simplicity buy your soil with all the goodies in it already

    youd want one that holds extra water with excellent drainage unless your gonna be there every day

    your best bet would be to bury >5gal buckets/bags as pots, that way the soil/nutes/water are contained to your plants and you wont be feeding the forest

    as for seeds look for the ones that grow in similar conditions, esp outdoor conditions

    good luck!
  4. with time on you'r side, and the indoor resources to should only be planting females, clones, come spring:) them first, either inside or outside...cut clones from females...kill all of the males immediately, with extreme and merciless prejudice:devious:... then put the flowering females outdoors;)...put the females outside and continue flowering them for an early harvest:cool:...that's what i will be doing...cheers:D.

    edit...i will be putting out my plants ~ early april when the photoperiod will trigger flowering...after 2 weeks i will cut female clones for my big grow and continue flowering the mother plants for my early

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