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  1. Never have done a scrog before but really interested and have done some research on it. I was just asking for other people's opinions on the scrog technique like is it fairly easy to set up. How did you water then like did u have a drip system or what. Also how well did you yield?
  2. yield is quit a bit higher depending on the size you go with. watering one point i ghetto rigged up a gravity fed drip system. anchored a 2x4 sticking straight up and cut the bottom off of a 2liter bottle and attatched a hose to the top. mounted it upside down at the top of the 2x4 and the hose went to water lines sitting on the soil. so when i poured water in the 2liter it watered my plants under the screen. before that i climbed under and could still barely water it. id suggest building a frame for the screen and have the pot able to sit in the framing under the screen, so if you want to move the whole plant and screen, you can.
  3. Watering plants in a scrog is alot easier if you also trim up the plants at the bottom below the screen. Doing so will also increase the growth of the tops above the screen.

    I mix my nutrient mix in a big plastic barrel, and then use a small fountain pump attached to some hose to water the plants with.
  4. Cool guys THx for the info. This is deff gunna take some thinking and some drawing up of ideas. I may have to hook up a ghetto rig drip system myself.

    Any other ideas of a drip system. I'm thinking along the Lines of how in hospitals how the IV's hang and drip down, maybe something like that.
  5. Bump for more ideas ! Thanks guys any more?
  6. I did a 5 gallon hempy bucket scrog and got almost a half p from one plant under a 400..scrog is great if you can deal with a long veg time..for watering theres only one hole for hempy so i had the bucket on a stool and put something under the hole to catch the water
  7. next im doing sip buckets with coco hooked to a controller bucket with a float valve to keep all the water levels even..either that or bubble buckets with a controller would work well for scrog
  8. ah yes.. id love to do a scrog with dwc. it would be massive, i dont think i have seen many of them done before. it would be kind of a pain in the ass changing the res and cleaning it out. it would for sure need to be recirculating and use a control bucket to keep an eye on it easier.

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