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    Hey GCO, it has been a while since my last run and I feel rusty and have forgotten a few things and need to brush up and ask a few questions before i get going.

    First off I am going to be running a 4x4x6 1/2 ft tent with a 1,000 MH/HPS bulb w/ a 6" 2x2 blockbuster hood on an electronic balast and watering with h20 filtered through a 10 stage filter. I plan on using 15 gal geo pots w/ coots mix. I have a pack of bodhi's sunshine daydream that i will be planting.

    the plan is to use a 60/40 cspm/ewc mix with 1cup oyster shell flour added per c.f. for the seedling mix and i'll be using 1gal pots to plant into. I plan on keeping them in there for ~7 days after they break ground then transplant them into the 15gal geo pots they will finish in with mycos added during transplant.

    For the first watering I want to use an AACT (microbe man's) to kick things off. From that point i will alternate from plain filtered water to a variety of teas such as SST's, Kelp/Alfalfa, Kelp/Neem, and maybe another AACT or two. The problem for me is that I lost all my information I had stored away and can't remember the recipes for the teas outside of microbe man's. Can anyone post up some SST, Kelp/Alfalfa, and Kelp/Neem recipes please?

    After about a week of the seedlings breaking ground I will transplant them into the 15 gal geo pots to finish in with the mycos added at this point. I would really like some advice on what foliar applications could be done because I lost all that info as well. I have aloe vera flakes, coconut water powder, agsil 16h, dr. bronners peppermint liquid soap, and bioag ful-power from buildasoil but don't remember how to use it. Some advice and links to info/recipes for these items would be greatly appreciated. I will be top dressing with more worm castings and put some barley straw on top for mulch to make sure the rhizosphere doesn't dry out as well.

    I plan on using a few kelp/alfalfa teas throughout veg and stop when going into flower but dont remember when to stop using kelp/neem or plain kelp teas. I think I can use SST's throughout the life cycle, correct?

    For training I will be using a scrog screen i built.

    I tried to be thorough and give as much detail as possible so people would be inclined to help but please let me know if I left information out or if u have an questions. I would like to get my seeds planted ASAP but don't feel comfortable doing that without talking things over with you folks first. Thanks for the support GCO, this is my first run with clackamas coots mix.
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    hoping for a response soon so I can get started

    what is the best way to incorporate coconut water powder/ aloe vera flakes?
  3. Barley straw? Not sure but think barley is anti-fungal in nature and may not be the best choice for and mulch

    Be well/SpiritMtFarms
  4. mmk what should i use? :S

    help would be appreciated
  5. Barley straw is completely fine to use, there's a reason Coot recommends malted barley for the sst's. Barley or alfalfa straw would be my recommendation. I would also recommend reading through the No-till Revisited sticky, should be able to find the vast majority of information there.

    Here are some tea recipes that I can remember off the top of my head.
    Kelp/Alfalfa: 1/4 cup kelp, 1 cup alfalfa per 5 gallons of water.
    Kelp/Neem: 1/4 cup kelp, 1/2-3/4 cup neem per 5 gallons of water.
    SST: I believe the SST brewing has been forgone all together and you should just top dress ~1cup malted barley per container and water it in with fulvic, silica, and aloe.

    Measurements for the fulvic, silica and aloe are I believe 1 TBS, 1 teaspoon and 1/4-1/2 teaspoon respectively per gallon of water. (Might want to double check the fulvic measurement)

    As far as when to stop using the teas, think feeding the soil, not the plants. I would recommend stopping alfalfa teas around mid way through flower because it can halt senescence and increase foxtailing when the plant should be focusing on maturing. Other then that the rest can be used throughout the entirety of the grow.

    One last side note, go on buildasoil and look up the measurements on how to mix the agsil with water, you don't want to be using the straight powder.
    Hope this helps.
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    definitely helpful but i'm pretty overwhelmed with the thousands of pages that info is hidden in. I see people are using malted barely powder as a top dress now, does that count as the SST? i saw in a thread where it was said to put some on every 10-12 days? can someone help me understand how to best incorporate enzymes? top dress MBP every 10-12 days per pot?

    I've also heard that people mix MBP into their soil now? can someone comment on this mix i plan on using:

    1/3 CSPM
    1/3 Perlite
    1/3 worm power EWC

    1/2 cup/c.f. kelp meal
    1/2 cup/c.f. neem meal
    1/2 cup/c.f. crab/shrimp meal
    1 cup/c.f. basalt rock dust
    1 cup/c.f. glacial rock dust
    1 cup/c.f. gypsum
    1cup/c.f. oyster shell flour

    this was the mix i was planning on using and a 60CSPM/40EWC w/ 1cup oyster shell flour/c.f. mix for my seedlings

    I am going to mix up the seedling soil now, would it be a good idea to water the soil with aloe water for the first time? or an AACT?
  7. there is a new no-till thread, pretty much all the important info, including the most up to date soil mix and watering schedule is on the 1st page:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    malted barely powder top dress replaced SST.
    AACTs are out, forget about them. entirely.
    water your seedling mix with kelp tea and aloe.
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  8. i really appreciate you taking the time to respond.
    i actually started in on the new no till thread last night, im on page 22 or so.

    i saw in the recipe listed there that gypsum/oyster shell flour/glacial rock dust were all out. as well as EWC o_O

    is 4-5 cups of basalt rock dust really all i need for the mineral amendments? and is malibu's compost really all i need for my humus? i can pick some of that up but i have like 3 c.f. of worm power EWC i would like to use too hah.. im sure a 50/50 malibu/worm power would be a good humus right? also i will get some pumice for aeration, they seemed to make a point NOT to use perlite.
  9. basalt yes
    malibu yes, coots talked coot is actually testing growing in thier compost he said its top notch.
    worm power idk
    50/50 mix idk
    if you already have perlite, use it it;s fine.

    also make sure to get something to mulch with, you want a nice thick layer.
  10. for mulch i was planning on more compost, barley straw and cover crop like clover or something

    and worm power is the worm castings buildasoil sells and recommends for at least part of the humus for coots mix. since I have so much im going to 50/50 with malibu and bump my containers up to 20 gal ea. so 4x 20gal geo pots to finish in now
  11. i dont think you can mulch with compost. barley straw sounds good though.
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  12. Hell, on my outdoor no tills I utilize perlite as mulch and it works great.:coolalt:

    Totally serious.

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  13. :S well i mean im going to put it on top of my soil heh. I'm also planning on putting the greens from the males/females i don't keep on top too, since i'm only keeping 4 females.

    btw most of my ingredients are about 6 months old but have been stored well (dry/cool/sealed) is there any problem with that?
  14. nah, dont even think this stuff can expire realy

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