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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BalladBlack, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone! :smoking:

    I'm staring to realize that growing your own is neither as cheap or as simple as I thought. Seems once I got started...I wanted more, bigger, and better. Go go addictive hobby. Anyway, I am currently in my first week of flowering on my first grow, just some decent bag seed. Link to that journal is in my signature. I have been looking at seed banks online and different strains. Right now it seems getting some Lowryder strains will be best for me.

    Had my eyes on these puppies, G13 Labs Poison Dwarf Autoflowering. Was planning on doing five or so at a time being it's a ten pack for decent price. Anyone know much on this strain (Stench, Height, Yield, etc)?

    Another think I had planned was if seeds are a 50/50 shot at female/male, then cut down all the males but one. Take him and one lady to another smaller box away from my main box and have them make sweet passionate pollination. This way I have seeds for, well, a while. My concern is, I have heard one male has some punch and pollin can travel though out the house. This has me worried about the ladies in the main grow box. Also, could I put the pollinated female back in the main box after she has been pollinated or would it interfere with the unpollinated ladies?

    The two grow boxes would be in the same room, opposite sides but still.

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