Planning my first grow (suggestions are welcome!)

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  1. Hello fellow comrades,

    Past weekend i start to plan my first grow ever, spend the past 2 weeks reading as much as possible to plan it properly, but of course more studies are allways needed.

    Yesterday i brought a wooden cabinet/locker, with the dimensions of (37 cm W x 37 cm D x 100 cm H) (14,9" W x 14,9" D x 39,3" H) "images attached" , and this will be where i'll set up my grow, i know that space is not optimal, but because of lack of space on my small flat, is what fits, and for me sounds better than a pc grow box. The wooden locker will be covered inside with diamond foil.

    Medium will be organic soil, 1/3 sphagnum moss, 1/3 perlit, 1/3 earthworm cast, rock dust, lime, organic fertilizer and so... during this week i'll got everything, and put it to "cook" for 3 weeks.

    Light will be a 200w cfl dual spectrum with adjustable height, and reflector, so far on this begining i decided to run on with the CFL + organic soil + autoflowering strain, to make the process less painfull for myself, since i'm not on USA, so buy most of the stuffs are pretty hard on my actual localization. (am aware that is less space for fit such a big light bulb + reflector, and the reflector will need to be cutted somehow to fit.)

    Intake will be on the bottom right corner + DIY light trap 120mm fan high CFM
    Outtake upper left corner + DIY carbon scrubber, placed above the light reflector, 120mm fan high CFM.

    I'll really appreciate help of the other growers here in these simple, yet confusing doubts (take it easy, since i'm a completely beginner :p )

    * Shall i run 1 plant inside this cabinet/locker, or can i fit 2 different strains, since i'll have 200 w?

    * What must be the optimal pot ? (depending if i'll put 1 or 2 plants inside)

    * Do i need to make Scrog or LST? cause it's a vertical grow, or just let the autoflowering strain grow on his own?

    * How much CFM's will be nice to keep this grow at nice temperatues, and with good air circulation? (i'm living now on a cold place, and hardly i'll got more than 20 celsius degrees during the whole year)

    * The process of using autoflowering strain + super soil, how to mange it? shall i put the seedlings first on plain organic soil into a plastic cup, and latter put/repot on the 50% plain soil + 50% "super soil" on the bottom? anyone with experience on this process?

    * Any advice about resilient strains? i'm not concerned about "ohhh how much yield i'll get" or "ohhh how long it will take", am just trying to set everything up properly, and don't kill my girl(s).

    * Which natural amendments you guys suggest for my organic living soil? kelp, blood meal, and etc are impossible to get here, and i'm not confortable with the idea to order them from USA and wait ages.

    Sorry for the long post, enormous number of questions, and my crap english spelling, wish all of you guys peace and nice harvest!

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