Planning My First Grow - Stealth PC Tower Job

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mooney, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. iv had a go at growing before, but i didnt know what to do so just winged it, had 4 nice little plants growing on my windowsill. when they started getting big i built a box that fit nice and snug under my desk with a 400w HPS lamp in. 20 mins after first putting them in i went back to check on them, unfortunatly the light had cooked them, they were all brown and shriveld. my house mates were more gutted about it than i was.

    ANYWHO im back at home with the rents now, and with the ressesion in full swing, money and space is tight, which is why im planning on doing a Stealth PC case grow.

    iv been reading over the forum and all over the internet as it happens and iv got a good idea what i need to do, but iv also gone and blagged my head abit.

    This is my basic plan

    My idea is to have two plants growing with a mesh screen(scrog?) above and banking up the sides(front and back of the tower) to try and encourage them to grow outwards rather than up. i was think of fimming them and weaving the branches through the mesh to make as much use of space as possible. will this work? what would be best for the mesh(eg, metal wire or plastic), and is it going to be an absolute nightmare getting the bud out if it all grown round the mesh.

    im pretty sure in need CFL light, been to look in homebase today and all i could see was a 20w warm white 1300 lumen (couldnt see anymore info) is this the right light? or do i need a higher wattage, how many do i need? will it be pointless changing the bulbs to whatever spectum halfway through or is that pointless with a grow of this size? what about having a mixture of both spectums from the start?

    is there any kinda of soil that would be best, i read somewhere that those tomatoe plant bags are pretty good, but they only did 50L of it, and i couldnt really see much difference between the 10L bags of soil.

    as im trying to keep cost to a minimum would just spraying the inside of the computer matt white be alright, or am i best getting mylar? they had some thermawrap is was like silver bubble wrap, would this work?

    i was originally thinging of growing lowryder but then i was wondering whether this will grow enough for me to make use of all the mesh space before it starts flowering, or do you think another strain would be best and just let it veg for a few week before forcing it to flower.

    would it be pointless using nutrients on a grow of this size as the plants arnt really going to have lots of growing to do.

    im sure ill have more questions but that all i can think of at the moment.

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