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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nathandh, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I am planning my first grow and would like to hear from everyone about their advice from the perspective of things they wish they had done differently.

    Here is my plan for now, however it is very flexible at the moment:

    White Widow, White Russian, or Bubblegum
    I will be using either an aerotub type system, or a bubble bucket system.
    400W MH for veg and 400W HPS for flowering, BTW I will be getting a switchable ballast.

    I would like to know in your opinions would it be better to do say 2-4 bubble bucket or more small plants in a aerotub type system?

    .I will be adding more of my plans to this, and changing them with feedback.

    Thanks in advance for you help,

    BTW this is for informational use only ;)
  2. Bump.

    No advice guys?
  3. Sounds good so far. You might want to think of how often you want to harvest, with the aerotub you could do a couple plants and harvest them quickly like a SOG or you could do 2-4 bubblebuckets and have larger, taller plants. This really comes down to preference. May I suggest that you do one soil grow before getting into hydroponics, just to get used to growing and the basics. You can make each new grow more and more complex as you gain experience. Anyways good luck.
  4. Perhaps I will make the aero tub for clones that I get from my mother plant from this soil grow.

    I do agree with you that the soil is a good first choice.

    I have had trouble finding a good soil grow guide, any suggestions?


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